Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snippets of CNY 2015

Four days just passed like a breeze and finally it's back to work and school for all of us. Feasting period is no joke to me and I think I put on 1-2 kg during the festive season. Time to start dieting again! Anyway, I've been pretty lazy taking pictures and here are only some of the snapshots I took when I remembered to do...

Our 1st ever Lao Hei at home, we bought this from a sushi store and tasted pretty alright.

The kids dressed up in their traditional costumes before they went to their school for CNY eve celebrations.

Reunion dinner (buffet) held at my in-law's place.

2nd lao hei for us, it was held at in-law's place and everyone was holding the big mega chopsticks.

1st day of CNY taken with their Ah ma

YQ posed with 2 mandarin oranges.

The ever emo Junior YS who was not very cooperative with me.

We did not managed to get the family outfit since there was no suitable size for hb and YS, we decided to dress up in mother-daughter matchy dresses.

Hb was tying to give a lesson on "how to be a mahjong expert!" to the kids.

My cheeky boy with the auspicious word "huat"!

Gambling was the adults' favourite past time to do at every relative's house.

The children trying to entertain themselves with monopoly boardgame.

Another buffet lunch we had at another relative's place...yums!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dedicated to my girl: One of the lessons learnt in life...

As much as I want my girl to be very much like me in certain areas, I know deep inside my heart she is an individual who has her own thinking which there's nothing much I can change or do. She is soft spoken type and easy going by nature. I am not complaining that being nice is bad but sometimes being too nice can be taken advantage of by other people.

All along she gets along well with her peers and usually she will render her help to others. I always thought that she would not encounter much problems in the school so I tend to neglect her feeling at times.

One fine weekend night, while I was tucking her into bed. I decided to have a short conversation with her about her friends and school life. The moment she told me about this particular classmate of hers who was behaving rudely to her quite frequently, she broke down in tears. I had not seen her being so emotional before and was very worried for her. 

Since young, she was taught to treat people with respect. Thus, she was expecting the same gesture back from others. She felt frustrated when she was unable to stop the problem by herself. It's not that she did not try but because she was not firm enough to stop that girl.

As a mother, I felt I needed to do something about it before the whole situation got out of control and worried that this particular bad experience would accumulate more and affected her emotional well-bring. I did what a mother should do and went to give a verbal warning to her classmate. In fact, that very night the girl's mother called me and apologised. I was glad the mother understood how my girl felt and we ended our conversation on a happy note. Hopefully this little setback in life would not affect YQ too much.

Dear YQ,

Mummy has something to tell you. Life is not a bed of roses, you are bound to encounter some difficulty at certain phases of your life. Learning to protect yourself is a process whereby you have to learn along the way. Do not be afraid to stand up for something which you feel is right and most importantly the intention is not to hurt anyone in the process but to get the message across.

I was left to defend and protect for myself since young. Ah ma never taught me how to do it but along the way I figured it out how to be one gradually. Maybe it's due to the environment I was grewing up in and maybe I had no siblings to turn to for help. Somehow, I managed to survive throughout my hostel life and schooling years and I hoped that you will also learn to figure it out slowly by yourself. Do not be afraid to speak out. 

You are my little angel and I hope you will still be that nice little girl to everyone around you no matter what happen. Mummy is always there for you and do not be afraid to confide your problems to me in the future.


Friday, February 13, 2015

The Road Safety Community Park

[Backdated Post]

Nothing to do on a weekend?
Grab those scooters and find a place which they can scoot freely and learn about the road safety at the Road Safety Community Park. 

A place which my mum used to bring me here quite often during schooling days. I used to love driving in the "car" (the pedalling type) and pretended to be the driver driving all around the places, getting all the stamps on the card at the various stations. 

Now this place is free admission to the public and no more such activities for the children now. However, everyone is free to bring along their bicycles, scooters and even roller blades to roam around freely within the compound.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Current Favourite Products #1

Chinese New Year is coming and as a woman, its natural for us trying to look pretty and presentable during this festive season or even on normal days (due to work). Currently, I have 3 favourite products which I am using currently and decided to share with ladies who constantly on the look out for great products that can make us look good :)

I use foundation very often to cover my flaws on the face and this product made my face look natural and not too cakey. I purposely bought a green tone to help neutralise the redness on my face so that I can have a better coverage to cover all red spots on my face.
Naturactor Cover Face Foundation

One of the things that often bother me is blackheads and I can't seem to be able to find a product that can remove effectively. I happened to see my friend (who is doing online business) selling this product and when I saw a picture of blackheads being removed from her nose on her FB, I felt super shiok! Haha...call me insane but this was how I felt at that moment. Eventually I bought this set of product from her and I'm blown away by the result.
Skin Intelligence Facial Firming Masque
Skin Intelligence pH Skin Normalizer

This moituriser mask looks like jelly substance and it helps to replenish and moisturise my face pretty well. It is slightly rose scented and feels so cool when applied on my face. I would normally use this mask 2-3 times a week and my face will not feel so dry and flaky anymore.
Eileen Grace Perfectly Moisturize Rose Jelly Mask

Next time, I will introduce again in my blog if I come across any good and nice products!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Things that Jnr YS says...

Among the 3 kids, Jnr YS is considered the funniest and most dramatic child in our house. Very often, he would surprise me with very interesting answers.  

~Naptime Talk~
I knew how grouchy he can be when he is feeling tired.

Me: It's time to take your nap
Junior YS: No! I'm not tired and my eyes are still very BIG! (forcing his eyes to look bigger than usual)

~Talking about Marriage~
He loves to shower me with kisses everyday, sometimes on my lips or on my tummy. He would give me a mega big smile after that and says "I love you Mummy!".

Me: You know you can't anyhow kiss other girls except your Mummy, Ah Ma, Jie Jie, Kor Kor and Pa Pa.
Junior YS: Why?
Me: You can only kiss the girl you want to marry.
Junior YS: Mummy, I want you to marry me.
Me: I can't, I'm married to your Pa Pa.
Junior YS: Huh? But why? I want you to marry me...*started to cry*
Me: Because you are my son and I am your mummy, that is why mother and son cannot marry each other.

~Drinking Alcohol~
Junior YS learnt about drink driving from the school and started to tell Pa Pa about it...

Junior YS: Do you know that drinking alcohol is bad?
Papa: Yes...
Junior YS: Drinking alcohol and beer will make you feel funny...
Papa: How did you know?
Junior YS: Teacher told me about it and it's very dangerous to drink and drive.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Flying Without Wings @ iFly Singapore

Thanks to iFly Singapore's invitation, we were given the chance to try out their indoor flying experience located at Sentosa Island.

I knew the older kiddos were eager to try out this long long time ago so their wishes were finally granted (Remember, the minimum age for kids to try out the indoor skydiving need to be at least 7 years old and above). I did not join them for the flight on that day for some foolish reason and I regretted it. When hb finally persuaded me to join them, there was no more slot for me unless I joined the next available flight. Oh well...I decided to let them to go ahead and I will definitely come back again with my hb another day (you will know why later...)

See how happy and excited they were...

Flying at iFLy can be done at any time and any day (of course during their opening hours), no need to worry about not being able to fly due to bad weather. Everything is conducted indoor and there's no need to fear about kenna strike by thunders or lightnings.

iFly Singapore has a group of qualified instructors that will guide you during the one hour lesson. I sat in with the rest of the participants during the lesson and did not "eat snake" okay! I tried to remember as much info as possible while the instructor was teaching them all about the safety precautions and what to do during the flight.

You will be taught on how to position your body during flying as well as hand signs that you need to understand and follow when the instructor shows you any of these signs (pictured below). Don't worry, the instructor will always be by your side during the flight although I'm sure most people won't be able to see where or what the instructor is doing :P

There are certain flight criterias to take note, some people are not recommended to take the flight especially people who has dislocated shoulder before, history of back/neck injury, and has heart problem.

1. Dressed in comfortable clothing (no top with collar and girl is not advised to come in dress or skirt)
2. Wear covered shoes with laces and socks (best is sport shoes or sneakers)
3. Remove your jewelleries before the flight
4. Put on the flying suit and safety gears
5. Smile, relax & enjoy the flight.

My Superman, Superboy and Supergirl were fully dressed up from head to toe.

Waiting for their turns to fly...

After the flying session, every participant received a certificate.

YQ showed her graceful move while flying.

Overall, they enjoyed themselves while trying to "fly without wings" like those superheroes. Hb even went for a 3rd round with the instructor (of course there was a $30 additional charge) and he was not afraid at all even though he flew much higher than the previous 2 rounds. The children were a bit little nervous but nonetheless they have done it and I'm so proud of them :)

From their experiences, I was told by them that locking the knee part is very important during the flight and try to close your mouth because saliva will flow out and dirty all over your face, haha! Next time, I will come back and conquer iFly Singapore...just wait for me okay!

Terms & Conditions
- Valid for on-site purchase only
- Book and fly from 1 Feb to 6 Mar 2015
- Redemption is strictly for customers born in the 'Year of Goat' with the purchase of 2 X First Timer Challenge Packages
- Free flight have to be utilised in the same flight session
- Valid photo ID for all flyers must be presented prior to flight upon check-in and purchase
- Valid for all flight slots, including eve of and on Public Holidays, subject to flight availability
- Not valid with any other promotions, vouchers, privileges, membership/loyalty programmes

Operating Hours:
Mon, Tues, Thur-Sun: 9am - 9.30pm
First Flight: 10am / Last Flight: 9.30pm
Wed: 11am - 9.30pm
First Flight: 12pm / Last Flight: 9.30pm

Good things must share right?
The kind folks from iFLY Singapore agreed to sponsor 1 pair of iFly vouchers to one lucky winner. All you need to do is to follow the instructions from the rafflecopter below:

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
* Giveaway ends 25 January 2015, Sunday 2359 hours (Singapore time) 
* The winner will be selected on 26 January 2015
* Limited to one winner per household
* Open to anyone and everyone living in Singapore
* Incomplete or invalid entries will be automatically disqualified without notice
* Winners will be contacted by iFly Singapore ( Please provide correct details for contact purpose)
* Unless otherwise stated, or agreed upon, the prize is non-transferable
* All personal details provided in this contest will be kept confidential. Only details of the winners will be shared with iFly to facilitate the redeeming of prize.
* We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

Disclaimer: We received complimentary flying experience at iFly Singapore for 2 pax for review purpose. We paid for the 3rd pax and 1 extra flying flight by ourselves because it was so fun. No monetary was compensated and all opinions are our own. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Educational Trip @ Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is probably one of the oldest tourist attractions in Singapore. I remembered vividly that my mother used to bring me here a few times often during my Primary school days and we need to pay for the admission fee (now is free admission). I was definitely shocked to know that we have to pay $5 per entry for parking.

Anyway, we decided to bring the kids to visit the place one day and brought along their scooters (of course, safety is very important because of the steep slope).

They were scooting and enjoying the scenery, its like killing 2 birds with 1 stone :)

Learning more about the story of "Haw" & "Par" brothers.

Special tiger car.

Learning about the "Ten Courts of Hell"

Junior YS was not very interested partly because the lightings inside the "Ten Courts of Hell" was very dim and he was quite scared of looking at those bloodied statues. Oh well...I think we need to bring him here again when he's slightly older.

When there's nothing more to do, just have fun posing!

We will come again another day, probably not on a hot sunny day or rainy day.
You can read more about the stories from this website.

Haw Par Villa
262 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118628
Opening Hours: Daily 9am to 7pm
Admission is free

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Time To Reflect For 2014

Year 2014 is coming to a closure soon. Year 2015 will be another brand new year with new routines in the house. I am glad I have survived and probably I should just say this year is not a very "fantastic" year for me but I am trying to keep my head above the water and hopefully situation will improve next year.

As for the children, I'm glad they are coping well in their studies and they are very healthy (despite them looking very skinny) lols! I'm not very concern whether they look very skinny or what but sometimes I just feel slightly annoyed when people started to comment how skinny they looked, or whether they are taking enough supplements and so on. They hardly fall ill this year and that is a very clear indication that they are strong enough to fight away those germs & bacterias.

I am a very simple person, I just want everyone to be healthy, happy and hopefully we are able to achieve what we want in our lives.


Monday, December 22, 2014

Part Of Growing Up...

I know...I'm quite lame but I just want to document my son's 1st pimple breakout during late November this year. I remembered I started to have pimples during Secondary school days and now my son started way earlier than me. It's his first and he's still pretty clueless about these pimples. I did not start him on any mild cleanser yet so we shall see..
Welcome to the reality of growing up!