Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How much he has grown...

It's been ages since I last updated about Junior YS's growing phases in this blog. I guess once I become a mother of 3, things at home start to get more chaotic. My writing mojo on my own blog starts to become less frequent too. Thus, I missed out writing on the growing phases of them *guilty*.
Anyway, the youngest of the family is going to embark on a new phase next year. Yup! Primary school life! Like what his sister told him the other day, "you only have 4 more months of freedom, you know?". Next year, I will have 3 primary schoolers. Time flies! Sometimes it's hard to imagine how fast they have grown and which is why I am trying to spend as much time as possible with them now.

As for now, to prepare Junior YS to have a smoother transition from pre-schooler to primary school. He has been going for his weekly Chinese enrichment class and so far we have seen improvement in this area. The childcare centre that he attended also focus quite a bit on the academic side (thank goodness!). Since my mother suggested that I should start to teach him multiplication now, I have been doing that regularly with him for the past few weeks :)

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm..haha!
My 6 years old reads the book also has his own style, lol!

His never ending questions of "Why? What? How? When? Where?"

Now he is slightly taller, he is able to play at the water slide with his siblings.

He has started on Aikido training with his siblings recently too.
He looks forward to go for the lesson every week and has fun with his friends :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ice Edge Cafe

There is a very nice cafe located in Kovan area. We used to pass by this place many times when we went for our chiropractic appointments in the same building but we never went to try out their food. Hb happened to dine at Ice Edge Cafe on one of the weekday nights with his friends and came home raving about the nice food and ice-cream to me.

YS ordered a Beef Truffle Cream Spaghetti for himself. I managed to have a mouthful of this dish and it was so delicious.

I was attracted by their various ice-cream flavours and we were allowed to have a "taste" before we decided which flavours we wanted to order. Our top favourite was the MSW durian and lychee martini flavour. Of course, the children get to choose 2 flavours of their choice too.

Look how happy and satisfied this girl was :)

Ice Edge Cafe
2 Kovan Road
Simon Plaza
Singapore 548008
Operating Hours: 11.30am-11.30pm

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Baking Party @ Spur Box

When YQ received a birthday invitation from her classmate to attend a baking workshop at Spurbox, she was so EXCITED! So last weekend, I brought her to the birthday venue and I stayed around to "kay poh" around *chuckles*.

So the "kay poh" mother took some pictures on that day:

Put on her apron and chef hat.

Everything was set up nicely for the children and after a short demo by the baker, they were instructed to go back to their working station to start mixing their ingredients together.

Whisked the egg & butter

Poured everything onto the baking tray

While waiting for their cakes to be ready, they were getting ready for the story telling session.

Art & Craft session

Angry bird!!!

Once the cake was baked and cooled. They cut out the shape by using the push pop cake.

Layer by layer, they put 1 layer sponge cake and 1 layer of cream.

Once they had put 3 layers of sponge cake, they were taught how to make the figurines to decorate their cakes.

Followed the instructions....

Her masterpiece!!!

So nice right?

Nowadays, kids are very fortunate. Its cool to invite friends to do something fun and interesting together and the best part is the mess will be handle by other people :)

POMO Shopping Mall
#05-01/02 (Inside Little Arts Academy)
Singapore 188306

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Littlest Turns 6

The perk of being a pre-primary schooler is being able to celebrate his/her birthday celebration in the school as well as another birthday celebration with the family members. 

Since his birthday fell on a public holiday, we decided to avoid the places that were too crowded. We ventured into the very far end of the east side of Singapore and let them had a few games of bowling. Never mind that they were not so familiar with the game, they just anyhow threw the ball out? haha! Bowling used to be one of my favourite past time sports during schooling days, probably we should come back here more often to practice since we just renewed our memberships there.

A cake to end the day is a must in our family tradition :)

Dear son,

Soon, you will be going to Primary 1 next year and I know that you are very excited to go to the same school as your siblings. I think you have more or less quite prepared to proceed to the next phase in the coming year. 

You never fail to amaze me with your funny questions and shower me with lots of kisses before I drop you off at school every day. You are the funniest boy in the family and I hope you stay that way forever.

Happy Birthday my happy pill!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Celebrating The Boy's Birthday With Top Kids Party

It's a bittersweet moment when I realised my last born is going to spend his last pre-primary school year before embarking on the next phase next year. Therefore, I decided to give him a memorable birthday party this year by preparing something special for him and his classmates. When you have a boy who is in love with all sorts of cartoon characters, it's quite a challenge for me to finalise on a theme especially when dealing with a fickle minded little boy, lol! After some discussion with him, we decided to go ahead with the superheroes theme *phew*.     

About 2 weeks before the party, I went online to source for superheroes related products for goodies bags preparation. You can see I'm not a very creative person coz I printed out some marvel cartoons pictures and pasted those cutouts to beautify those paper bags.

As per the birthday boy's wish, he chose the superheroes themed cake. 

How time flies, he is enjoying every moment of his time with his friends and teachers. I feel happy that he is allocated to a class he enjoys going to this year, with fun friends to play with and caring teachers to teach him.

To add more fun to the birthday party event, the birthday boy was very lucky to be able to choose one service sponsored by Top Kids Party. Ms Harishma (the founder) is a very patient lady and gladly accepted our last minute changes (from Plan A to Plan B). It was our very first time to engage a vendor to a party and we did not know what to expect (I know I'm quite "suaku"! but there's always a first time for everything right? haha).

When Ms Harishma opened all her colourful palettes of paint, everyone was looking in awe. Curiosity started to build up and everyone started to crowd around her. It was also the first time, the kids had the chance to experience something different in the school. Excitements were written on their faces when they were told to think of their favourite superheroes / cartoon characters to be drawn on their faces or arms. All of them waited patiently for their turn and I enjoyed looking at them while they were being painted by the talented lady. 

No prize for guessing what YQ has requested. 
Wonder woman + Princess Leia

Spiderman for the birthday boy.

Iron man for the big brother.

Here were some of the cute paintings they requested, I reckoned the hot favourites were minions and Princess Elsa. The kids had a blast and all of them could not wait to show their parents their paintings on their faces/arms. 

By the way, all the paints are non-toxic, skin safe, child friendly approved by FDA. They only use high quality brands such as Tag, Diamond FX and Snazroo. The paints are easy to remove with water or wet wipes.

Company Background
The founder of Top Kids Party, Ms Harishma, graduated with distinction in design. She studied in renowned art schools like Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Raffles College of Design and Commerce. She started a creative event management company that specialises in providing entertainment for kid's birthdays, private and corporate parties. She also conducts art lessons for children and adults too.

Top Kids Party
Contact No: +65 9893 9145
Email: harishma89@gmail.com

Video credit: Top Kids Party

From now till 30th September 2016, simply quote "mamamiethots" to enjoy the discounted rate of $99/per hour (UP$150/per hour) for any of these services:
- Face painting
- Glitter tattoo
- Henna
-Name Art Calligraphy Painting

Finally, Top Kids Party is willing to sponsor a 1-hour service to 1 lucky winner. The winner can choose from one of these services: Face painting, glitter tattoo, henna or name art calligraphy painting. All you need to do is to follow the instructions from the rafflecopter below:

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
* Giveaway ends 24 July 2016, Sunday 2359 hours (Singapore time) 
* The winner will be selected on 25 July 2016
* Open to anyone and everyone living in Singapore
* Incomplete or invalid entries will be automatically disqualified without notice
* Winners will be contacted by Top Kids Party ( Please provide correct details for contact purpose)
* Unless otherwise stated, or agreed upon, the prize is non-transferable
* All personal details provided in this contest will be kept confidential. Only details of the winners will be shared with Top Kids Party to facilitate the redeeming of prize
* We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

Disclaimer: Top Kids Party sponsored the face painting service for our dear little boy's 6th birthday party. No monetary was compensated. All opinions are our own.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Keys Edge: 5 Reasons Why We Love The Holiday Camp

School holiday is over and we are back to normal routine finally. The children are still trying to switch back to their studying mode once again. Anyway, I am so glad the kids had an enriching June holiday. 

Firstly, I must thank the kind folks from The Keys Edge (the enrichment arm of The Keys Academy) for giving my kids a chance to attend this wonderful holiday camp.  They have learnt so much during the 5-day camp (something which they do not get to learn during their normal curriculum) and told me that they wish to come back and attend other camps in the future. When my kids tell me something like these, at least I know it's worth to spend the money to send them here to learn something which they enjoy. 

Here are the 5 reasons why we love the holiday camp at The Keys Edge:

1. Great Location
The Keys Edge is located at level 2 of Odeon Towers. It is easily accessible by car or by mrt (City Hall Mrt Station). For older children who are taking the public transport by themselves can actually reach there within walking distance from the mrt station.

2. Great Learning Environment
The interior of the school is clean and spacious. Each individual room is divided by see through glass panels which allow you to see what everyone is doing when you walk pass all the classrooms.

3. Course Transparency
From a parent's perspective, it's good to know what the kids have learnt at the camp every day. I was given a sheet of paper by the staff from the reception (the activities they have done for that day) while waiting for them to come out of their classrooms.

4. Camp Duration + Meal Provided
The duration of the camp is 5 hours per day which I find it is just nice for primary schoolers. If the duration is too long, we might afraid they will probably be too tired to concentrate. If the duration is too short, we might worry that they will have difficulty to absorb what they have learnt.

To save the hassle for parents and children during lunch hour, the school is very kind to provide meals for all students. Thus, we do not have to worry about preparing any food for them to bring during their lessons break. 

5. Interesting Courses
My kids were having a hard time choosing a camp because they wanted to join all the camps. As far as I know, The Keys Edge has added a few new interesting camps starting from July 2016 onward. Children will be spoilt for choices with the range of camps available there.

In the end, YQ chose CSI: Murder Mystery as her top priority choice because she loves to solve the mystery. She enjoyed the field trip to the Supreme Court as well. As for YS, he decided to learn about the latest technology about 3D printing. When children are learning what they love, it will intrigue their interest even more.

At the "crime scene" whereby the children were taught how to study based on the evidence left by the killer.

They did their experiments in the science lab to finalise on their findings. 

On the last day of the camp, parents were invited to be the judges for their case conclusions.

YS was very interested in latest technology. Look how focused he was when the course trainer was teaching him on how to use the software.

On the last day of camp, the children did a final presentation together on how to market their specially designed chess sets to the public.

Thanks to their course trainers, YS learnt how to design a house, a key chain, a screwdriver and chess sets.

At the end of the day, I have to get reviews from my kids coz they were the ones attending the camp right? I gave them a very short Q&A to obtain their honest reviews :) 

YQ (aged 9) attended CSI: Murder Mystery
Q: What have you learnt from the camp?
A: I learnt to use science in the investigations and did a lot of experiments to find the truth of the murder case.
Q: Do you like the camp? Why?
A: Yes, I like it a lot because my teacher lets me and my friends to play music, dance, do experiments and sing. My friends are all kind and funny.

YS (aged 11) attended Silicon Valley 101
Q: What have you learnt from the camp?
A: I learnt how to design 3D objects through the software (123D Design). I designed some chess pieces, a house, a screwdriver and a keychain. I had a great time and hope to go to other courses at The Key's Academy.
Q: Do you like the camp? Why?
A: I like the camp as it helps me to understand the 3D printing process. The camp is very interesting and educational.

For more information about the camps available at The Keys Edge, you can check out their website at www.thekeysedge.com


TEl: +65 6734 8559

Disclaimer: The children were sponsored to attend the 5 days holiday camp at The Keys Edge. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are our own.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

YQ Turns 9

It was a fabulous Saturday and the kids were very pleased with that day's arrangement as the birthday girl wanted to go rock climbing on her birthday. We spent about 8.5hrs (including 1hr of lunch break) at Kallang Wave Mall *gulp*. After that we went to have a sumptuous dinner and followed by cake cutting at home.

All the happy faces at Climb Central.

The kids got the chance to use their chalk bag and looking more confident to tackle more challenging climbing routes.

The birthday girl requested for DC Marvels cartoon cake.

Happy kids + birthday kiss :)

A surprised present for her!

Dear YQ,

Time flies, you have turned 9 this year. We can see that you have become slightly more mature in some ways and you are always the most helpful one at home too.

I still remember vividly a few months ago, you were so upset with one of your classmates because he accidentally caused you to fall down and one side of your diamond earrings went missing. You were so angry with him because he did not feel apologetic at all and said some nasty thing to you. When your teacher wanted to find out the cost of the earring so that your classmate had to pay for it, we told you to forgive and forget. My heart ached when I saw you cried so hard and long that night!

When you told me you were so happy that you almost cried that night, we were glad to know that we got you the right present :)

I hope you will continue to shine like a diamond in the sky and stay healthy and happy always!