Friday, September 26, 2014

Save Money, Spent Money

As a mother, I keep emphasizing to them that "SAVINGS" is very important. Not only we need to save for rainy days, the money will come in handy when you need to utilise it for other purpose.

Trying to amuse me at times, my children will come and tell me that they can use the money during "rainy days" which means that they can use the money when the sky rains, lols! Well...they are just trying their luck to see if they can use their savings to buy unnecessary things.

When the eldest started Primary school 3 years ago, I restricted him from buying anything from the bookshop. He had to get my permission if he needed to buy anything from the bookshop. As time passed, it became a habit for him and gradually his sister who started Primary school this year also did the same. Of course they will tend to complain why their friends can buy whatever they want and why they can't. I always tell them to differentiate between their needs & wants and no use comparing because it will be a never ending process. Gradually, they start to understand and seldom compare and grumble.

Both older kids started using their savings for the first time to buy something for themselves happened a few months ago. They were complaining the water guns I bought for them spoiled so easily (cheap mah! of course I was not very keen to spend too much money on a good quality water gun, haha!). They complained to their father and wanted to buy Nerf water guns instead. In the end, hb told them to use their own savings if that's the case.

As the older kids' current scooters were kinda small and most of the parts have turned rusty. They started to complain and requested for new replacements. They were very smart coz they knew I loved to order things online that are reasonably priced. They asked me to check if there's any good deals online and asked me to order scooters for them using their own money. As usual, they sought permission from their dearest papa and so their wishes were granted. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chicken Corn Mini Pie

On a random weekend afternoon, I decided to whipped up a random lunch for the family.
I love to browse through Diana Gale's blog for simple recipes that looks easy & fuss free for me to prepare.

I need to make more of these on another day for the family :)

Recipe can be found from Domestic Goddess Wannabe website

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Swim Like A Fish...

Swimming seems to be one of the survival skills that most parents want their children to learn. I have tried to let YS & YQ learnt not from 1 but 2 swimming instructors in the past, I think they learnt for more than a year or so and I did not see much progress from their swimming lessons. I was hesitating whether to let them continue (to waste my money) or to stop them for a period of time until I can find a better instructor. Luckily during that period of time, we were also busy with moving to another part of Singapore so this gave me the valid reason to stop their lessons for the time being. So yah...I actually stopped them for more than 2 years with no formal coaching lessons.

After we moved to our new place, we were able to enjoy the swimming facilities as and when we wanted to without having to squeeze with the crowd on weekends or public holidays. My kids still love swimming very much and I'm still contemplating whether I should spend the money again to engage a coach for them. In the end, hb offered to teach them whenever he has the free time and I can try to teach them (er....with my half past six skill) if there's a need to.

After many months of swimming & playing in the pool, the kids are more confident in the water now. YQ has shown me that she is able to breathe underwater for quite a while so I decided to teach her how to swim while breathing underwater. With a few minutes of coaching, she can swim like a wonderful is that :) . As for YS, he is able to do back float for a few seconds and Junior YS is trying to swim with his life jacket on. One thing I learnt in life is try not give pressure to them and they will learn the skill slowly one day without realising that they can actually achieve it by themselves.

Monday, September 15, 2014

A Cool 9th Birthday Celebration For YS

We did not organise a grand birthday party for the boy, he was still very happy at the end of the day as we gave him a little "surprise" and he was ecstatic. 

Their grandma prepared red eggs and red packet for the birthday boy. We tried to keep the secret until I finished work during the weekend afternoon. The children tried skating at the MBS a couple of times but when I told them I was bringing them to Jurong, they have no idea where they were going in the end. Of course, they were so excited when they saw the ice-skating rink at Jcube.

Although it was not the first time the 2 older kids had skating experience, it was the 1st time for Junior YS.

We rented 1 seal and 2 penguins so that they were able to skate freely without much help from us.

I also tried to skate and luckily I did not break any of my bones. All I could say was it was a very good exercise for me, my legs were aching like mad :P

As the boy requested for a fruit cake this year, we managed to get a cake from one of the cake shops located at Jcube.

It was definitely an super cool birthday celebration for my young boy :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival

This year, they submitted their handmade lanterns to their school for the lantern design competition. For some reason, YS' s lantern got squashed in the school before he had the chance to submit to his teacher. As for YQ, her lantern was selected to display in the canteen area. No prize was won but it was a good experience for them, at least they will have a better idea how to do a better lantern next year ;)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Total Turtle Takeover @ City Square Mall

The 1 week break school holiday has started and I'm sure most parents will try to find programs to occupy their kids and going around to various shopping centres to catch live shows of their favourite cartoon characters will be one of their main activities :)

If you or your kids are a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, don't miss their live show now at City Square Mall from 6th September to 14 September.
It is happening at L1 Atrium.
Mon - Fri: 2pm & 7pm
Sat & Sun: 1pm, 4pm & 7pm

Performance by those turtles

Our 1st ever Meeet & Greet session and hopefully more to come...

Thanks to the kind folks from SPRG, the children received toys from them.

Their "Live Show" will still continue until end of the 1 week break, be sure to come down and learn some "turtle power" stunts from these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Disclaimer: We were invited by SPRG to come for the TMNT Meet & Greet session held at City Square Mall, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

RSAF @ SengKang

While waiting for YQ to finish her ballet lesson, we saw many people crowding around the open area near Compass Point Shopping Centre. Therefore, we brought the boys to check out the place.

Junior YS posed with a fake mannequin

Helmets were so big & heavy according to my boys

Learning to hold a gun..

Protect our country, protect our nation!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nine is just nice!

Dear son,

In a few days time, you are turning 9 and I am trying to enjoy every moment with you before you proceed to the next phase (tween).

You have grown so much this year and I can foresee that you are going to be as tall as me very soon. I have realised that you have started to be more serious in your studies and trying your best to excel in your sport too.

No doubt you still give me some attitude problems at times but I know you trying to change in that area bit by bit. When I ask for a goodnight kiss before bedtime,  you are starting to behave more shy than your siblings. When I ask for your help to carry things for me, you are learning to manage it without too much complaints.

I love spending quality time with you and seeing you becoming more adventurous to try out different things made me realised that you are no longer that small boy who is still so scared when we used to ask you to do something out of your comfort zone.

You have become more sensible and no longer pesters me to buy toys for you anymore. In fact, I was very happy when you requested me to buy more story books for your birthday presents this year. No matter how time flies, I hope you will slowly grow up to be a better person and a good role model to your siblings. Always remember that we love you no matter what happens!

Happy 9th Birthday!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Get Creative With The New DohVinci 3D Art

Thanks to the kind folks from Hasbro Singapore! Weekend was not too boring when I showed the children what we were going to play that day. Hasbro has came up with the NEW DOHVINCI art and design kits for children to use their own creativity to create beautiful 3D art designs on other surfaces such as wood, glass, duct tape and paper.

The most excited person was my darling daughter as she was so happy to be able to have her own personalised mirror and drawer set to store all her favourite "barang-barang".
As there was only one Styler tool (the one that looked like a gun), the children can only take turns to design.

YQ tried our the DohVinci Vanity Design Kit and the instructions were fairly easy to follow.

The most easiest design to do was doing the "dot" design and when YQ was not satisfied with the design, all she needed was just use a tissue paper and wipe off the area she wanted to re-do.

She was having a bit of difficulty trying to squeeze out the colour as it might require a little bit of strength. After a few tries, she got the hang of it and was able to design without much of a problem.

Ta-dah! Her masterpiece (yah! with some help from mummy too)

The boys also had their share of fun to try out the DohVinci Pop-Ups Art Boards Assortment. 

It came with 2 die-cut art boards and 3 DECO POP colours.

The DECO Pop colours are somewhat similar to Playdoh but it will start to turn dry and a little bit hard when left overnight.

It was stated to be suitable for 6 years old and above so it was slightly difficult for Junior YS (who is 4 years old now) to control the styler tool. Luckily his siblings were there to help him out.

It is available at all Toy'R'Us and major department stores.
DOHVINCI POP-UPS Art Boards Assortment retail at SGD$9.90

Disclaimer: I received 2 sets of DohVinci products for review purpose, all opinions are my own.

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Close Shave With Venus & Olay™ Razor

Do you have hairy legs? Do you shave your legs often? Okay...I shall not probe any further about these personal hairy issues.

I'm quite lucky that I do have much hair on my legs to begin with and I simply could not recall when and why I started shaving my legs. I think its probably due to curiosity during the adolescent phase. I have tried various brands including those disposable types which can give me a bad cut when I do not do it properly. Having tried so many brands, I am still a loyal user of Gillette's shaver. 

It's important to know that using the suitable type of razor will somehow prevent cuts or roughness on our skin.

With the new improved design, here are are the key benefits of the new Venus & Olay™ razor:
1. Round pivoting head for easy maneuvering and soft ergonomic handle.
2. It has 5 progressively-aligned blades which are spring-mounted.
3. Thinner blade edge provide a lower cutting force and gently exfoliating the skin at the same time.
4. Olay sugarberry moisture bar are infused with skin nourishing ingredients which help replenish moisture and breathe radiance into skin.

Here I am making a comparison between my current old Gillette razor and the latest Venus & Olay™ Gillette razor. One has 3 blades and the other one has 5 blades. 

After testing the Venus & Olay™ razor, I loved the scent of sugarberry and it just glided smoothly along my skin when wet (no shaving cream was needed).  

It's available at all leading supermarkets:
Venus & Olay™ razor in sugarberry retailed at S$19.50
Venus & Olay™ sugarberry catridges retailed at S$19.90

Disclaimer: I received the Venus & Olay™ Gillette razor for review purpose, all opinion are my own.