Thursday, October 27, 2016

Aikido 1st Grading

 We have been wanting to send the kids to learn some sort of martial arts for a long time. We felt its important for them to pick up some self-defence skills so that they know how to protect themselves in this unpredictable world. They have tried the Wing Chun martial arts many years ago and they simply have no interest at all. YS happened to know about Aikido martial arts from his friend and requested from us to sign him up for it. We were quite surprised about his sudden request because he had never shown much interest in other enrichment activities he went before. 

As parents, we felt as long as the child is interested in learning and financially we are able to cope, we are more than happy to let him pursue something he/she likes. They have started Aikido since 3 months ago and they look forward to the weekly lesson.

Recently, YS and YQ were selected to go for their 1st grading and they were pretty excited. Been promoted to the yellow belt was a great boost to their confidence level and I can't wait to see them attain more colourful belts down the road. As for Junior YS, he will be taking his grading in the next round and hopefully he will have the same excitement as his siblings when the time comes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bee Amazed by QueenBEE Secrets

Constantly on a lookout for products that are natural and safe for my children have always been my top priority. Knowing that their skins are delicate and making sure that products will lessen the chances of allergy reaction after an application is very important.

Recently I was introduced to this range of QueenBEE products from Australia. They come in the different variation of balms for different usages. All their products are suitable for super sensitive skin so no more fear to skin breakouts.

BEE Pure (SGD$44)
Certified Organic Honey, Royal Jelly
Purified with Crystals
-Rich body moisturizer
-Relieve sensitive dry skin
-Repair cuticles
-Relieve cracks
-Nut free

Rapid BEE Repair (SGD$29)
Royal Jelly for healthy skin with just a hint of Lavender essential oil for soothing effects
-Hydrate and soothe irritated, dry, scaly skin
-Reduce redness
-Relieve cracked heels
-Repair fingernails
-Relieve scar tissue
-Smooth flaky chapped skin
-Revitalise skin texture

Bush BEE (SGD$29)
Nature's protector Lemon Scented Eucalyptus plus Royal Jelly
-Soothe irritated, itchy skin due to bug bites
-Soothe redness and relieve stings
-Protect minor abrasions
-Help ward off bugs
-Nut free

The nutritional element found in royal jelly is good for our skin and here are some reasons why:
-contain 10 amino acids, 16 minerals and 18 enzymes
-contain 16 vitamins (A,D,E,C,K & B Complex)
-Pantothenic Acid to assist in cell renewal & stimulating the healing of wounds
-Trace Elements: Rutin, plus a gelatin substance in royal jelly that helps stimulate collagen production

As all the QueenBEE balms come in solid form, the best way is to use a spatula (provided inside the metal container) and scrape a small amount onto your fingers. Use your fingers to soften balm and smear onto your skin. Allow it to penetrate for 1-2 minutes.

My mum has dry flaky elbows so she applied Rapid BEE Repair on her skin consecutively for a few days. After application, the skin is moisturised and protected with a layer of balm. The result is shown to be effective for her.

The kind folks from Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd is giving a Rapid BEE Repair to 3 lucky winners.
Congrats to the winners:
Weeqi Wee Qi
Elisa Lee
Esther Lay Eng Chng

To participate in the giveaway, all you have to do is:
1. Like and Share this FB post
2. Leave your email address in the comment section and tag 2 friends

Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
* Giveaway ends 25th October 2016, Tuesday 2359 hours (Singapore time) 
* The winner will be selected on 26 October 2016
* Open to anyone and everyone living in Singapore
* Incomplete or invalid entries will be automatically disqualified without notice
* Winners will be contacted by email ( Please provide correct details for contact purpose)
* Unless otherwise stated, or agreed upon, the prize is non-transferable
* All personal details provided in this contest will be kept confidential. Only details of the winners will be shared with Ember Hue Corporation Pte Ltd to facilitate the redeeming of prize
* We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice

To purchase QueenBee Secrets products, you can contact 67456548 and be entitled to 30% discount on your purchase by mentioning my blog name.

Disclaimer: We received some QueenBEE Secrets products for review purpose. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are our own.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Math Journey with Junior YS

With just a few more months left before the youngest embarks on the next phase (Primary School), we decided to teach him multiplication. It wasn't my plan to teach him now but just so happened that my mother reminded me that maybe I should try it on him since he is a fast learner. Thankfully, he is very open to learning new things.

After we had spent so much enrichment money on abacus lessons for his older siblings and honestly I felt the money were gone to waste since what they learnt during abacus lessons were not helping much in their math studies later on. Since then, I have decided not to sign Junior YS for any abacus lessons. Luckily, math is not a subject he fears or dislikes and so he is able to grasp the math concept easily during learning time in the school and at home.

He has learnt multiplication from 1 to 11....probably 12 will be the last one to teach him. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Travel around the world with The Little Passport

Travelling with kids can be quite intimidating for us especially when we have to take into the consideration of the arrangement on the total expenditure (for flights / accommodation / food and shopping) for the whole family. We are not seasoned travellers but if financial and time permits, we do hope someday we have the chance to bring them along to as many countries as possible and learn about the world. 

Personally, I feel that it's best to let them read up more information about that country to minimise the impact of culture shock. Besides surfing the internet to dig for more information, one of the ways to let my kids learn more about the world is to subscribe to THE LITTLE PASSPORT.

Based according to your child's age, there are 3 recommended subscriptions:
  • Early Explorers (Aged 3-5)
  • World Edition (Aged 6-10)
  • USA Edition (Aged 7-12)
It is a monthly package which will expose the child to a different part of the world and let them understand and learn through the hands-on learning activity.

1st Month : World Edition

1st Month : USA Edition

2nd Month : World Edition

2nd Month : USA Edition

3rd Month : World Edition

3rd Month : USA Edition

They enjoyed the activities sent to them every month and would look forward to the next destination they are going to "explore" with The Little Passport. 

Disclaimer: We received 3 months of subscription (World & USA Edition) from The Little Passport. No monetary was compensated, all opinion are our own.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Singapore River Safari

Our initial plan to visit the museum was cancelled due to the F1 race event held at the city area. Hb decided to bring them out for a few hours of fun at the River Safari instead. No doubt we have brought the kids to the Singapore Zoo a few times but this was their 1st visit to the River Safari.

We purchased our tickets via online in order to get 25% discount off the usual price. Of course, it will be cheaper to join their membership plan if you wish to visit there often. Check out their website for more info.

We reached there around 3 plus in the afternoon and spent a few good hours over there until the closing time. The weather was not too warm and it was not as crowded as what I was expecting. All I can say, the kids had fun and they wished to come back and explore the Night Safari the next time round.

Nice to meet you!

The kids were fully equipped with camera phones and video camcorders.

Potential future blogger or director?

Kissing "fishes"

Our boat ride!

A short video on our maiden trip to River Safari!

We did not know that the tickets we bought included the normal boat ride and accidentally paid extra for this Amazon River Quest tickets. In the end, we tried both different types of ride and the kids loved the Amazon River Quest ride. Make sure your kid is above 1.06m tall to meet the minimum height requirement.

River Safari
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826

Friday, September 16, 2016

YS turns 11

YS's birthday coincides with the school holiday every year, so its the usual celebration within ourselves. However, when I found out that he had to go back to the school for his Chinese enrichment lesson during the school holiday, I took the opportunity and asked if he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his classmates. My initial plan was to bring a cake and let him celebrate with his classmates but I guess he was too shy and rejected my idea.

So 1 week before his birthday, I happened to pass by Cedele with the hub. I love to eat all sorts of cakes so I stopped by their cake section and looked at all their selection. We sampled some cakes and decided to order one for YS's birthday. We held the celebration at a Japanese casual dining restaurant since the birthday boy loves Japanese food.

Dear YS,

Happy Birthday, son!

Gosh! Sometimes it's hard to imagine that I have been your mommy for 11 years. You are growing real fast and I can imagine you are going to be taller than me very soon.

I guess your love for reading is one of the things that I do not have to worry about. So often that I have to keep reminding you to read in moderation in order not to affect your revision schedule. Besides growing up to be a knowledgeable person, learn to take things easy and not be like a "kan cheong" spider. I hope eventually you will learn how to take everything in your stride and make the best out of every situation. 


Monday, September 5, 2016

The Slimy Project

So what's the hype about making the slime?
I am not very sure too but was told by my kids that all their friends were making slime at home and some even brought it to the school to sell to other students. YQ and her group members were asked by their teacher to make some slime for their presentation project so in the end, I have to be involved in her little project too +__+

We googled and watched many YouTube channels to try the safest and easiest method to make slime. There were so many examples online and some people even added eye drops solution or borax into it, so troublesome! Our 1st experiment was kinda half successful, the only problem was the slime dried up easily and became clumpy again the next day.

Dishwashing detergent + Corn flour

The children were quite disappointed with the outcome and complained why our slime did not look exactly like what their friends had made. We decided to give it another go and went online to search for more ideas. Finally.....

Clear glue + Baking Soda

The children were so happy with the result. The slime was more slimy, more stretchable and did not dry up so easily.

So do try this at home with your kids, it can be quite fun for adults too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How much he has grown...

It's been ages since I last updated about Junior YS's growing phases in this blog. I guess once I become a mother of 3, things at home start to get more chaotic. My writing mojo on my own blog starts to become less frequent too. Thus, I missed out writing on the growing phases of them *guilty*.
Anyway, the youngest of the family is going to embark on a new phase next year. Yup! Primary school life! Like what his sister told him the other day, "you only have 4 more months of freedom, you know?". Next year, I will have 3 primary schoolers. Time flies! Sometimes it's hard to imagine how fast they have grown and which is why I am trying to spend as much time as possible with them now.

As for now, to prepare Junior YS to have a smoother transition from pre-schooler to primary school. He has been going for his weekly Chinese enrichment class and so far we have seen improvement in this area. The childcare centre that he attended also focus quite a bit on the academic side (thank goodness!). Since my mother suggested that I should start to teach him multiplication now, I have been doing that regularly with him for the past few weeks :)

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm..haha!
My 6 years old reads the book also has his own style, lol!

His never ending questions of "Why? What? How? When? Where?"

Now he is slightly taller, he is able to play at the water slide with his siblings.

He has started on Aikido training with his siblings recently too.
He looks forward to go for the lesson every week and has fun with his friends :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ice Edge Cafe

There is a very nice cafe located in Kovan area. We used to pass by this place many times when we went for our chiropractic appointments in the same building but we never went to try out their food. Hb happened to dine at Ice Edge Cafe on one of the weekday nights with his friends and came home raving about the nice food and ice-cream to me.

YS ordered a Beef Truffle Cream Spaghetti for himself. I managed to have a mouthful of this dish and it was so delicious.

I was attracted by their various ice-cream flavours and we were allowed to have a "taste" before we decided which flavours we wanted to order. Our top favourite was the MSW durian and lychee martini flavour. Of course, the children get to choose 2 flavours of their choice too.

Look how happy and satisfied this girl was :)

Ice Edge Cafe
2 Kovan Road
Simon Plaza
Singapore 548008
Operating Hours: 11.30am-11.30pm

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Baking Party @ Spur Box

When YQ received a birthday invitation from her classmate to attend a baking workshop at Spurbox, she was so EXCITED! So last weekend, I brought her to the birthday venue and I stayed around to "kay poh" around *chuckles*.

So the "kay poh" mother took some pictures on that day:

Put on her apron and chef hat.

Everything was set up nicely for the children and after a short demo by the baker, they were instructed to go back to their working station to start mixing their ingredients together.

Whisked the egg & butter

Poured everything onto the baking tray

While waiting for their cakes to be ready, they were getting ready for the story telling session.

Art & Craft session

Angry bird!!!

Once the cake was baked and cooled. They cut out the shape by using the push pop cake.

Layer by layer, they put 1 layer sponge cake and 1 layer of cream.

Once they had put 3 layers of sponge cake, they were taught how to make the figurines to decorate their cakes.

Followed the instructions....

Her masterpiece!!!

So nice right?

Nowadays, kids are very fortunate. Its cool to invite friends to do something fun and interesting together and the best part is the mess will be handle by other people :)

POMO Shopping Mall
#05-01/02 (Inside Little Arts Academy)
Singapore 188306