Friday, November 17, 2017

Bromin Ergonomic Bag

Ergonomic bags have been selling in the market for quite some time. When ergonomic bags first appeared in the market, we bought other branded ergonomic bags for our kids to try. To be honest, the price of an ergonomic bag is not cheap and the weight of the bag is not light either. As the weight of the bag was a primary issue back then so I went to get non-ergonomic school bags which were lighter for them in the end.

Recently, Bromin sent us an ergonomic school bag for review purpose. It came at a good timing because my littlest has posture problem and often slouch his back for no reason (despite my constant nagging, sigh!). The Bromin ergonomic bag is specially designed to be 0.2kg lighter than other ergonomic bags in the market. 

About Bromin:
Bromin is a Singapore-based bag maker and importer. They have launched a new series of light-weight ergonomic school backpacks for early schoolers aged six to ten. The ergonomic Bromin backpack promotes better spinal health for school children and weighs just under 0.7kg. 

Gabriel Tay, designer and owner of Bromin, comes with a decade of bag design experience. He spent time researching on this product category and got in touch with several manufacturers to design and fabricate the ideal bag he would like his children and other school children to be carrying.

Bromin ergonomic bag comes in 2 designs
Bromin Lite (pictured above) & Bromin Tech
Both available in sporty blue and fuchsia pink in colours.

It has cushioned back support and straps around the chest and waist area.

It comes with a G-hook buckle, a flip top cover and a large front compartment big enough to store the water bottle.

A drawstring opening that stays open for easy access.

Segmented internal compartments to separate all the different books and files.

It has detachable option to adjust the compartment size.

The base of the bag.

Currently, these Bromin ergonomic bags are launched in Singapore in the last quarter of 2017. You can go to their website to order and enjoy the current launch price for a limited time period.

It is now available at Qoo10 Groupbuy and Lazada online stores. For shoppers who prefer to see and feel the product physically, you can proceed to Tom & Stefanie at these outlets:
Eastpoint Mall Simei
Westmall Bukit Batok
One KM Mall

The promotional prices are the same as online until the end of 2017.

Disclaimer: We received a Bromin Ergonomic bag for review purpose. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

No more powdered milk!

Someone has graduated on 26th October 2017! This little boy of ours finally told us that he wished to stop drinking powdered milk for good. I have been contemplating for a while whether to get him to stop by end of this year or even later. Luckily before I have to make any decision, the boy has made the decision on his own.
A part of me is feeling happy that we can finally discard away the milk bottle and save some milk money. Another part of me is feeling a bit sad that this boy is growing up way too fast :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Safari Zoo Run 2018 (Discount Code)

Safari Zoo Run is coming back for the 10th times next year on 27th January 2018! We had so much fun at the running event this year (read here) and we are so excited to be able to participate in the run again next year.

The run was conceived to commemorate Singapore Zoo's famous and most loved animal personalities - Ah Meng, who died of old age in February 2008. To join in the fun for family bonding and to raise awareness on wildlife conservation, participants are encouraged to support one of the 4 animal icon teams:

This year, there are some minor changes to the categories:

*Loyalty rates applies to past participants of Safari Zoo Run in 2017 only.
** Adult supervision by a registered 5.5km Safari Zoo Run (Non-Competitive) or 2.5km Safari Zoo Dash (Non-Competitive) Kid participant is required. Due to safety reasons, one Adult participant can only be paired with one Kid participant in the same category. Exceptions are allowed on a case-by-case basis (e.g. 2 adults with 3 kids). Please write to us at
*** Children 3 years & below as of 28 Jan 18 may enter for free (without runner's entitlements) in the non-competitive categories. An accompanied Adult registration is required.
Adults without Juniots or Kids are welcomed in these categories!

WRS family and individual members are entitled to a special 15% off prevailing rates! Please contact or call 6269 3411 for the promotion code.

There is a 10% discount code (SZR18MAMAMIETHOTS) given for all Mamamie's Thots reader during registration for any category.

Disclaimer: We were invited to participate in the Singapore Zoo Run 2018. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are our own.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Filtering Products from Filtech

Everyone knows water is an important source of an element in our lives and 60% of the human body is made up of water. Dehydration will cause our body NOT to function properly so naturally, we need to consume water all the time. We can't deny the fact the pollution issue on this planet has worsened gradually and pure source of clean water is becoming a bigger problem in some countries. By making sure what goes into our bodies is safe and healthy, we have started to use filter system many years ago to remove unwanted chemicals that could possibly harm our body in the long run. 

We have tried filters from various big brands before and some models were bigger and took up a lot of space in the kitchen. Not to mention, the annual filter parts replacement cost us quite a bit of money. Thanks to the kind folks from Filtech for sending us these household filtering products for us to review!

Filtra Plus FWF 177 -Tap Water Filter
If you have a small kitchen like mine (my kitchen size has shrunk by half ever since we moved into the current home 3 years ago), small and compact size tap water filter will be a more feasible solution for us. I took out those parts from the box and decided to fix up the new filter on my own (since the hub comes home late every time). It was so easy and took me less than 15 minutes to set up everything.

-Designed in Japan
-Multi-Layer Filtration
- Eliminates up to 99% of Bacteria, Impurities and Chlorine
-Flow rate of 2I/ minute
-Lifetime of 3000 L or approx. 3-4 months

3 mode switch: Filtered, Unfiltered Shower and Unfiltered Stream

Step by step installation guide.

When I changed to this water filter shower head, I was sceptical about how good a shower head can do. But when I turned to pneumatic mode, lo and behold, I felt so comfortable when the water sprayed onto my skin.

It contains Calcium Sulfite Ceramic Balls (white in colour) to remove residual chlorine in water and germanium balls (black in colour) are designed to warm up the body and encourage sweating which is beneficial for metabolism.

-Designed in Japan
-Increases water pressure of up to twice the strength
-Water conserving of up to 40%
-Reduces up to 98% of chlorine
-Removes impurities and bad odor
-Improves and hydrates skin
-Promotes metabolism and reduces fatigue

3 modes: Pulse | Shower | Pneumatic

Mitsu PWF 227 – Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
This water filter pitcher is another product which can have a 3-step filtration process which enables you to refill the water straight from the tap without the hassle of removing the whole cover. It is made with premium grade polyethylene material which makes it lightweight and durable. It has a total capacity of 2.5 litres, out of which 1.3 litres are filtered.

-German Engineering
-Filtech Technology for antioxidant and alkaline water
-Deodorize and enhance taste
-Removes up to 99% of impurities
-Made with premium quality polyethylene
-Instant Refill Lid

Price factor, they cost only a fraction of the price for we've paid for those big brands in the past and the cost of replacement parts are affordable.

Disclaimer: We received products for review purpose. No monetary compensation was received, all opinions are my own.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

12th Birthday Celebration at Charlie Brown Cafe

This year we have been making a point to bring all our children to a themed cafe to celebrate their birthdays. You can check out my previous post here & the recent post here . When I heard another themed cafe closed down recently, I was searching for another alternative venue. As usual, I kept it a secret from all of them and they were so curious where we were bringing them to this time round. 

As Charlie Brown Cafe was located in Cineleisure, they thought we were going for there for a movie treat initially. Guess my secret operation was a success again! 

The entrance of the cafe.

Surprisingly, the menu offered a variety of choices for diners to choose from. As it is a halal cafe, there is no pork served in the cafe.

If you are celebrating your birthday and intend to bring a cake there to celebrate after the meal, make sure you buy your cake from a halal certified bakery shop. For our case, we bought a cake from Chateraise Patisserie (Japanese cake shop) and we were told the cake was not halal certified so they were unable to store the cake in their fridge. Plastic plates and utensils would be provided by them too.

Rootbeer float in their big Charlie Brown mug.

Hawaii Baked Rice

I can't remember the actual name of this dish, it's beef with spaghetti. Actually, this dish tasted quite yummy!

Grilled Salmon

Beef & Supreme Pizzas

The little boy could not stop sipping his Chocolate Frappe with Cream.

After the meal, feel free to pose with these cute and big figurines...

Remember to SMILE...

Everyone was feeling stuffed after our meal so we decided to bring the cake back home to celebrate instead.

As the usual saying goes, time really "no longer a little" boy has turned 12 this year. An important year for all the 12 years old children in Singapore, going through a phase of growth spurt, PSLE exam stress and uncertain which Secondary School to go to. At least, I hope with all his hardwork and my never ending nagging, he will be happy enough to go to a decent school he wish for at the end of the day.

Charlie Brown Cafe
Orchard Cineleisure
8 Grange Road #04-01
Singapore 239695
Tel: 6737 5979

Friday, August 25, 2017

Chateraise Patisserie Singapore @ Compass One

When Chateraise Patisserie opened a new outlet at Compass One, I could not resist not to try their cakes coz I'm a cake lover (which explain about my weight woes). Of course, being a cake lover, we tried out their best selling & most popular range. I got to admit that price range is not so pocket friendly.

Coffee time!

Tried out their drinks but not that fantastic though, a bit too bland to my palate.

I will try to order their whole cake and try for the next birthday celebration.

Chateraise Patisserie
No 1 Sengkang Square
Compass One
Singapore 545078

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fidjit Spinners

When there was a sudden craze of fidget spinners among the kids in Singapore, my kids were bugging me to buy one for them to play. I could not understand why I need to buy until I started to realise that I used to fidget with my pens while studying too. 

Fidget spinner is believed to be able to help with fidgeting and improves concentration and focus, especially for people with ADHD, autism and anxiety issues. Although my kids do not have these issues, they still love to play it while watching television, reading a book or just try to do small little stunts with these fidget spinners. Of course, we constantly remind them that safety is very important.

Nowadays, fidget spinners come in various designs and we are spoilt for choices. Thanks to Fidjit Singapore, here are some of their products sent to us for review purpose:

R188 stainless steel bearing / 4-5 minutes spin time / 56 grams / 70 mm
Built with bronze frame, the spin is fast and smooth.

608 hybrid ceramic bearing / 3 minutes spin time / 60 grams / 70 mm
Super fun to play at night without the lighting coz it glows in the dark.

606 hybrid ceramic bearing / 3-4 minutes spin time / 65 grams / 70 mm
One of the longer spinning fidget spinners, there are holes at both sides to attach to a keychain.

R188 stainless steel bearing / 3 minutes spin time / 55 grams / 60 mm
It's smaller in size and lighter.

R188 stainless steel bearing / 3 minutes spin time / 55 grams / 60 mm
It's smaller in size and lighter.

 Disclaimer: We received these products for review purpose. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are our own.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Cognitive Whizz x BrainFit: A Science Escapade June Holiday Program

June holidays are over and my kids are dragging their feet back to the normal school routine, you know right? One month of holiday just passed by like wind. Just when I thought I would let Junior YS "nuah" (relax) at home during the June break, the kind folks from Cognitive Whizz decided to let him try out their 4-day June Holiday Program held at BrainFit Studio – “A Science Escapade!”. After the workshop, he still shares about how enjoyable and fun the program was and is looking forward to the next round of Science Escapade during the next holiday! I can't wait to share with you what he has learnt.

During the 4-day workshop, children aged 4-7 years were exposed to Physics and Chemistry concepts.  The lessons were conducted in a very engaging manner. Children had fun exploring and applying the Science concepts through storytelling, role-playing and hands-on experiments. Personally, I feel that children learn faster through such interactive and creative play. There was adequate assistance provided as one assistant teacher was paired with a group of four to five children, to facilitate discussions and guide the children’s thought processes. 

Every day, at the end of the workshop, Denise (the founder) will invite all parents for a short briefing to share key highlights of the program.  This encompasses the experiments conducted, key Science principles behind, and their real-life applications. Parents were also updated daily through WhatsApp messaging to recap on what their children have learnt for the day.  Useful tips on how parents can reinforce the Science concepts with their children at home would also be shared. Overall, I feel that it is useful in allowing parents to understand what their children have learnt, to further enhance their learnings at home.

About the Company:

Cognitive Whizz seeks to instil in every child a passion for lifelong learning, to unleash his / her infinite potential. It believes in partnering with parents and educators, to engage young children in whole-brain stimulation, through holistic joyful learning.  Science Escapade is hence launched to stimulate young inquisitive minds through purposeful play and multisensory, hands-on experiments. Harnessing children’s innate curiosity, an inquiry-based learning approach is used.  This helps children challenge status quo, and develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  Children are also encouraged to link observations with real-world occurrences.  This helps them apply and appreciate Science in their daily lives.   
About the Founder: 
Denise, an educator and a mother of two, specializes in illustrating abstract concepts via engaging, concrete activities, to make learning fun for young children.  She believes that every activity that the little ones go through can be transformed into a valuable learning opportunity.  Through extensive research, she sees that it is of utmost importance in 
• nurturing young children’s inquisitive minds, 
• fuelling their innate desire to explore and inquire, and 
• developing their problem-solving skills, benefitting them for years to come.  
Many children have benefitted greatly from the Science Escapade, and the educational resources she has developed and acquired by schools, enrichment centres and parents.

Junior YS getting all hyped up before the workshop started.

Each child was given a colourful, fun, Science booklet, which piques his / her interest, and helps reinforce the learning.

Assistant teachers were paired with a group of 4 - 5 children to facilitate discussions and guide the children’s thought processes. 

Through fun and purposeful play, children gained a better understanding of Newton’s Law of Motion.

Children learnt to correlate contact area with friction.  Pretending to slither like snakes, children discovered they were hindered by friction, slowing them down!

Children had great fun playing tug-of-war, another concrete way to reinforce their understanding that friction is always acting in the opposite direction, slowing down movement. 

Children folded a large aluminium boat, and put the concept of density to test! 

Using recycled materials and household items, children built a balloon-powered racer!  

Racers’ race – Children applied the concepts of Potential and Kinetic energy to power up their racers! 

The program ended on a high note, as children made music with bottles!  Applying the concept of how different amounts of water correlated with different pitches, children were thrilled playing “Doe a Deer” with the bottles! 

 For more information about the upcoming holiday workshop, kindly contact:
FB Page: Cognitivewhizz
Tel: 9009 7086 

Disclaimer: Junior YS was sponsored to attend the June holiday workshop conducted by Cognitive Whizz. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are our own.