Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Running in the "wild" at Safari Zoo Run 2017

We kickstarted 2017 by taking part in the Safari Zoo Run 2017 at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. Although we were no strangers to the venue but definitely it was our very first time to run within the compound. We took part in the non-competitive 2.5km family run this time and it was a wonderful experience running in the "wild" leisurely and made multiple pit stop to take pictures and enjoyed the scenery. 

Great weather to start the family run which we had been anticipating for.

Firstly, the kids wanted to take a picture with their favourite Ah Meng coz we were #TeamAhMeng

Everyone waited in an orderly manner for their turns to start the run.

Not forgetting to take more pictures along the way.

After a few experiences of taking part in family runs last year, we decided not to bring water bottles this time coz we knew water refreshment will be supplied by the organiser. 

 Needless to mention, everyone was so happy to see the word "finish". We made a dash to the finishing line.

Collected the Singapore Zoo Run 2017 Finisher's Medal design and each of us had one more medal to be added to our collection.

One of the highlights of the run we were looking forward to was to gain free access to the Singapore Zoological Zoo and River Safari after the run. The participants did not have to worry about not having enough time to visit all animals in the zoo because they could go in multiple times using their bibs to gain free access. 

Food was easily available located near the entrance and we went to replenish our energy at the KFC fast food outlet before venturing back to these two places. Here were some pretty awesome pictures I took on that day:

We are so looking forward to the Safari Zoo Run next year and probably by then, my kids will game enough to take part in the competitive run by themselves.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The journey to PSLE

This year marks the 12th year as a mum to my eldest child. Not a year I am looking forward to, especially this four letter word "PSLE" (no pun intended). It is the year where majority parents start to get super concerned about the changes to the PSLE examination format, the scoring system, examination dates and so on. Yes! Welcome to the reality of PSLE in Singapore. 

PSLE was never been one of the big life changing phases in my entire education life. In fact, I never knew what stress was until I took my O-level examination. In fact, my mum was the cool one, never interfere or gave me any pressure about my studies or ask me which Secondary School I was aiming for. She just let me be myself and I would follow the tuition/self-revision schedule set by the student hostel I was staying at that time. All she did was asked me how many marks I had gotten for my PSLE score. Yup! Short and sweet question indeed.

Now, PSLE has taken over parents in Singapore as if the storm is brewing. Sometimes I think being parents of the current generation is living a more stressful life than the past. It could be due to the reason that we no longer think our children can handle their revisions or examinations on their own. Looking at the vast education changes, the topics they are learning now are much in depth than we used to learn in Primary School (no wonder nowadays there is a need for parents to go for "tuition" in order to teach/guide their children). There are times whereby I could not even help to explain some questions which my son is doing now.

As a mum, I try to give him whatever support he lacks in terms of studies. Sourcing for suitable PSLE books that will be beneficial for him as well as trying to outsource external help so that he can have the best people to guide him. Despite all that helps he needs, we try to let him enjoy himself by doing stuff he likes to de-stress. At least the minimal effort to strike a balance is better than none.

School exams has started and mountains of worksheets and test papers are waiting to be done on top of school work. I hope for nothing but the best my son can do to achieve his goal. Giving him the moral and mental support is more important for reassurance and let him aware that family is always behind him no matter what happened. 

Having said that, we were taking a walk leisurely the other night and our son commented about his thought on PSLE. In return, hb gave him some advice "It does not matter which Secondary School you go to or what marks you are getting, what matters is you are applying what you have learnt during these six years of your Primary School education and apply it during your PSLE examination."

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

CNY 2017

This year, the kids had a slightly longer CNY break and they were so happy. Luckily none of them falls sick from all the feastings and late night hours spent at relatives and in law's place. For us, we had a longer break than our kids coz our office opened on Day 7 of CNY.

This year, not much of the festive mood for us. Even though we managed to settle the kids' clothing in December last year. We were so busy with work that we did not really have much time to shop for ourselves. More than half of my clothing were purchased online and not enough time to look for new shoes for myself. CNY decors and goodies were purchased last minute too.

On the eve of CNY, kids dressed up for their school celebration and we had the annual reunion dinner buffet at in law's place.

Our mandatory trip to visit ancestors (fil's side) and also made a trip to the temple to pray to the tai sui for those whose Chinese zodiac happened to offend the tai sui in the year. Of course house visiting started on day one of CNY.

Another visit to pay respect to ancestors (mil's side) and children spent a long time at the nearby outdoor playground.

We went for a nice breakfast at Safra Punggol and went house visiting at one of our relatives' place.

Finally a day with no house visiting, we decided to have an active lifestyle (I mean cycling) at Coney Island. Last minute relatives from KL came to Singapore and we met up for a lou hei dinner to end the day before the school started.

We managed to spend some quality couple time sans kids the day before we went back to work. Hb brought me somewhere and introduced me to a new game (darts) while leaving the 2 older kids home alone for a couple of hours. Bliss!!! Wish we can do this more often :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello 2017

Well...Year 2016 has ended and we have breezed through half of January 2017 so fast. No new year resolution for me coz no matter what I have set out to do for the year, it normally won't materialise anyway :P

This year is an important year for us because the youngest has just embarked on to the Primary School system. The second child is going through streaming year and the eldest will be taking his PSLE this year *sweat*. I hope they will buck up this year and do better than their own expectations. I know it's not going to be an easy year for all of us but we will survive somehow. My nagging will still continue as long as I live...haha!

Other than studying, we hope to be able to bring them out as much as possible amidst from their self-revisions, tuitions and enrichment classes. Life is more than just studying, isn't it?

A mandatory picture to take with mummy on the first day of school.

I managed to dig out all 3 kids' "first day of school" picture. Can't believe they are growing so fast every day...

Trying our best to make time for family outing as often as possible. Since the youngest has started to ride on 2 wheels, we are able to cycle freely as much as possible from now on.

We cycled to the Road Safety Park and they had a taste of how to pump petrol at the petrol kiosk. Such a pity that this place is no longer in operation, hb and myself used to have nice childhood memories here.

I think as parents, its good to know they are progressing well not only in academic area but also in other areas which they have shown great interest in. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Nasa Exhibition @ Art Science Museum

We may be living in a little red dot but we never have a problem to bring our children out for some enriching and fun activities. Just the other weekend, we brought them to the Nasa exhibition to learn more about the history of spaceships and how astronauts prepare themselves and survive in space. It was educational and fun for them as well as for us and we tried the G-Force - Astronaut Trainer Ride and experienced what it felt like to be the astronaut taking off from the earth. 

Tip: To avoid spending too much time queuing up to buy tickets. We were advised to either buy it online and claim tickets directly at a counter (which we did) or purchase from any SISTIC outlets beforehand.

The types of food eaten by astronauts

Space suits

The exhibition is ending on 19 March 2017.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordan Ramsay

Now if you are familiar with some of the well-known celebrity chefs in the world, you would have heard of Gordon Ramsay. Hb suggested that maybe we should try the food there since we were there after a visit at the ArtScience Museum. We ordered a few dishes and the quality of the food did not disappoint us.

Each child was given a box of colour pencils and a colouring book to kill time while waiting for our food to arrive.

Cheese Burger from the kids' menu ($14)

Flatbread ($28)

Slow Roasted Dingley Dell Pork Belly ($28)
Crispy on the outside and the meat was very soft and tender.

Tamarind Spiced Chicken Wings ($18)
This was our favourite, the sauce was coated evenly and the chicken meat was tender in the inside.

Bread Street Kitchen
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-81 Singapore 018972
Tel: 6688 5665

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another Milestone for Junior YS

The littlest has been asking us to bring him on a cycling trip coz he enjoyed sitting on the bicycle while we pedal so hard to get to our destinations..haha! Therefore, I told him that we can go on a cycling trip as a family again provided he was willing to learn how to ride a bicycle on two wheels.

Seriously, I never expect him to learn it faster than jie jie and kor kor because they only started to master it when they were 8 years old. Plus after the previous cycling lesson incident, we decided not to force it on him and waited till he was mentally ready to learn again.

Just a few months ago, he started to ask us to teach him again. Hb was the one being tasked to teach them (Yup, coz this mama is too impatient to teach :P) and we had to wait until he was available due to his busy working schedule. On New Year day, we decided to fulfil his request and after hb guided him for around 15 minutes, he managed to cycle independently without any help, hooray!

Yes! all of us were cheering for him and felt so proud of his achievement. He has officially learnt how to ride a bicycle at 6 years old. We can't wait to organise a cycling trip soon.