Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Family Trip to Seoul - Day 3

Our 3rd day in Seoul was very memorable and I remembered the night before, the kids were telling me that the weather was forecasted to snow the next day. True enough, the first snowfall started in the early morning on 24th November 2018. All of us grabbed our jackets and dashed down to the hotel lobby to take pictures of the snowing view. It was definitely a lovely surprise to see the sight of snow in the city. 

Stood under the falling snow to take pictures.

Hotel staffs were busy shoving snow away from the driveway.

After the snowing surprise saga, we went to 63 Square Building to visit the Skydeck and Aqua Planet 63 (aquarium). It is one of the tallest building in Korea and visitors are able to get a spectacular view of the city.

Upon reaching the 60th level, we were welcomed by a series of art exhibitions. 

Lovely view of the city covered partially in snow.

Are you afraid of height?

After the visit to the Skydeck, we proceeded to the aquarium.

Different species of turtles

More turtles....

Colourful fishes....


Eel fishes....

Special mermaid show to entertain the crowd.

After we were done with the marine life, we decided to visit Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market for some seafood indulgence. Many stalls were selling different types of seafood. It was an eyeopener experience for my kids as they have never been to a seafood wholesale market.

Stalls were located next to each other and seafood was displayed neatly.

Gigantic prawns

How can we miss out on gigantic crab? The stall owner was very kind to let the kids experience how it's like to hold a crab. This is the place whereby you can practise your bargaining skill with the locals. After we have selected our seafood, we were directed to dine at one of the restaurants located on the 2nd level.

Fear factor moment for my kids to try out live octopus being cut into small pieces. Octopus tasted especially yummy when it's being marinated with sesame oil.

We ended the night with happy bellies.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ferry Service between Hong Kong International Airport and Shenzhen

Recently, I just came back from a work trip from Shenzhen. Why did I decide to pen this down on my blog? The reason was before the trip,. I was looking reading up many links online on how to get from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. I wanted to make sure I chose the most suitable mode of transport for me to reach Shenzhen. 

Currently, there are a few modes of transportation available. You can travel by train, by car, by bus or by ferry. There are so many options but I wanted to use the easiest option since we are flying from Singapore to Hong Kong International Airport.

You can book 1 way or round trip ferry tickets online at CKS website. An email confirmation will be sent to you once you have paid for the ferry ticket.

We took a red-eye flight and reached Hong Kong International Airport at about 5.30am. We did not exit through the immigration and proceeded straight to the transfer area E2 (SkyPier). 

After waiting for about an hour, the CKS counter opened for business from 6.30am onward. The earliest ferry service starts at 8.15am to Shekou port. If you have any baggage tags with you, present it to the ticketing counter. Please take note that not all airlines have baggage transfer service, refer to this website for reference.

Redeeming our ferry tickets was a breeze.

We took a short monorail service to the SkyPier. 

Free seatings and inside is clean and spacious.

We reached Shekou port in 30 minutes.

We booked a return ticket from Shekou back to Hong Kong International Airport the night before. The actual departure time was at 4.30pm and we reached Shekou Cruise Centre at about 4pm and quickly went to the self-service counter to redeem our tickets using the QR code sent to my email. 

As we were going to take Cathay Pacific airlines at Hong Kong International Airport, we were able to check-in our baggage for internal baggage transfer to the flight we were taking. It saved us the hassle to do baggage check-in at the airport later.

Waiting to board the ferry to go back to Hong Kong.

Remember to keep the refund coupon for the claim at the airport later.

Once we reached the airport, remember to proceed to the Departure Tax Refund Desk to obtain a refund.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Family Trip to Seoul - Day 2

I am so slack to update our travel posts and work has been a bit overwhelming on the front plus this year is another PSLE year again for my 2nd born. Of course, I am trying my best to put up all my Korea travel posts as fast as I could before I forget the major bulk of it.

Moving on to the 2nd day, I really wanted to bring the family to try out the popular Korean porridge at MiGaBon located nearby our hotel at Myeongdong. I mean it is highly recommended online so I thought we should at least try and see what's hype about Korean porridge. We changed our mind upon seeing the long queue outside the restaurant and decided to look around the nearby area for other alternatives. We were stopped and greeted by the friendly staff who stood outside of 多岛海鲜 (Yakiniku Restaurant).   

At the entrance of the restaurant.

We were led to sit on the upper deck of the restaurant.

Quite surprised to see so many famous actors and actresses who patronised this restaurant before.

Some of the yummy local delicacies ordered for breakfast.

When "suaku" tourists like ourselves who were so fascinated with autumn leaves that were as big as our faces. 

An impromptu stopover at Bosingak Bell Ringing Ceremony while we were on our way to Gyeongbokgung Palace. The performance takes place between 11am to 12.20pm daily (closed on Monday). During this duration, visitors can try on traditional outfits, take photos and take part in the bell-ringing ceremony for FREE.

We were very lucky to be able to take part in the free bell-ringing ceremony. We were told to make our wishes as we hit the bell repeatedly. I lost count on the number of times we hit the bell. 

I really love the internal structure and design.

Make a wish! You never know unless you try right?

We finally reached Gyeongbokgung Palace on foot by trying to figure our way via Google map. We decided to just visit this palace because this is the first and largest royal palace built during the Joseon Dynasty.

We decided to follow what the majority of tourists did by renting the Hanbok costume at the nearby costume rental shop.

We rented for 4 hours but in the end, we did not utilise the whole 4 hours because the weather was pretty cold that day.

There is a wide range of sizes suitable for children to women (from petite frame to plus size frame). Staffs working in the shop will assist tourists to wear hanboks after choosing the designs they preferred.

It felt as if we have travelled back in time.

Our next destination was Jogyesa Temple, it is one of the most important Buddhist temples built during the Goryeo period. Serenity and calmness can be found within the temple despite it is located in the city area.

Golden statues of Buddha are located inside this building.

When in Seoul, we must try the Korean Soju.

Of course, not forgetting to end our night with Korean BBQ :)

Sharing what we did on Day 3 of our Seoul trip.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Changi Experience Studio @ Changi Jewel

I won a family ticket for 4 pax from an online FB giveaway during July. It was until the start of the September school holiday and also the birthday of my big boy that we decided to come here to experience something different on his special day. We paid for 2 more extra tickets so that all of us can go in and enjoy. Each of us was given a "travel guide" to gain access to the premise. We were amazed by all the digital interactive games. 

Not only did we get to play, but we were also given a brief history lesson of Changi Airport. The children reckoned the most interesting and fun part was the Amazing Runway & Smile Challenge.

Butterflies came to life as you opened the "travel guide".

Went through a history lesson about Changi Airport.

Hanging Garden

Amazing Runway - everyone was trying to pedal very hard to win the race.

Sky Deck

The children tried to pose differently at the photo booth.

This was the first time, my children smiled the longest and widest for such a long time. They were trying to beat each other's score and get a very high score in order to be able to make it to the Hall of Fame. 

Who would have thought YQ was able to appear 3 times in a row on the Hall of Fame?

It was a very fun and meaningful day spent at Changi Experience Studio.