Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello 2017

Well...Year 2016 has ended and we have breezed through half of January 2017 so fast. No new year resolution for me coz no matter what I have set out to do for the year, it normally won't materialise anyway :P

This year is an important year for us because the youngest has just embarked on to the Primary School system. The second child is going through streaming year and the eldest will be taking his PSLE this year *sweat*. I hope they will buck up this year and do better than their own expectations. I know it's not going to be an easy year for all of us but we will survive somehow. My nagging will still continue as long as I live...haha!

Other than studying, we hope to be able to bring them out as much as possible amidst from their self-revisions, tuitions and enrichment classes. Life is more than just studying, isn't it?

A mandatory picture to take with mummy on the first day of school.

I managed to dig out all 3 kids' "first day of school" picture. Can't believe they are growing so fast every day...

Trying our best to make time for family outing as often as possible. Since the youngest has started to ride on 2 wheels, we are able to cycle freely as much as possible from now on.

We cycled to the Road Safety Park and they had a taste of how to pump petrol at the petrol kiosk. Such a pity that this place is no longer in operation, hb and myself used to have nice childhood memories here.

I think as parents, its good to know they are progressing well not only in academic area but also in other areas which they have shown great interest in. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Nasa Exhibition @ Art Science Museum

We may be living in a little red dot but we never have a problem to bring our children out for some enriching and fun activities. Just the other weekend, we brought them to the Nasa exhibition to learn more about the history of spaceships and how astronauts prepare themselves and survive in space. It was educational and fun for them as well as for us and we tried the G-Force - Astronaut Trainer Ride and experienced what it felt like to be the astronaut taking off from the earth. 

Tip: To avoid spending too much time queuing up to buy tickets. We were advised to either buy it online and claim tickets directly at a counter (which we did) or purchase from any SISTIC outlets beforehand.

The types of food eaten by astronauts

Space suits

The exhibition is ending on 19 March 2017.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordan Ramsay

Now if you are familiar with some of the well-known celebrity chefs in the world, you would have heard of Gordon Ramsay. Hb suggested that maybe we should try the food there since we were there after a visit at the ArtScience Museum. We ordered a few dishes and the quality of the food did not disappoint us.

Each child was given a box of colour pencils and a colouring book to kill time while waiting for our food to arrive.

Cheese Burger from the kids' menu ($14)

Flatbread ($28)

Slow Roasted Dingley Dell Pork Belly ($28)
Crispy on the outside and the meat was very soft and tender.

Tamarind Spiced Chicken Wings ($18)
This was our favourite, the sauce was coated evenly and the chicken meat was tender in the inside.

Bread Street Kitchen
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-81 Singapore 018972
Tel: 6688 5665

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another Milestone for Junior YS

The littlest has been asking us to bring him on a cycling trip coz he enjoyed sitting on the bicycle while we pedal so hard to get to our destinations..haha! Therefore, I told him that we can go on a cycling trip as a family again provided he was willing to learn how to ride a bicycle on two wheels.

Seriously, I never expect him to learn it faster than jie jie and kor kor because they only started to master it when they were 8 years old. Plus after the previous cycling lesson incident, we decided not to force it on him and waited till he was mentally ready to learn again.

Just a few months ago, he started to ask us to teach him again. Hb was the one being tasked to teach them (Yup, coz this mama is too impatient to teach :P) and we had to wait until he was available due to his busy working schedule. On New Year day, we decided to fulfil his request and after hb guided him for around 15 minutes, he managed to cycle independently without any help, hooray!

Yes! all of us were cheering for him and felt so proud of his achievement. He has officially learnt how to ride a bicycle at 6 years old. We can't wait to organise a cycling trip soon.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Fly To Busan - Part 4

Dalmaji-gil Road + Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center
Gwangalli Beach + Gwangan Bridge

We spent our last day in Busan by walking around. Yes! I think we have burnt lots of calories by walking so much that day but the funny thing was we did not feel tired at all. Probably the cold weather made our walk much easier :)

Dalmaji-gil Road:
Apparently, there are cafes, restaurants, art galleries and flea market on every weekend too. The place was supposed to be quite near where we stay but we took a longer way to reach there. I was actually slightly disappointed with the flea market as I was expecting a lot of stalls selling many things. In the end, there were about less than 20 stalls only.

We walked all the way up along the steep road.

Scenic view as we walked to our destination.

Finally reached Dalmaji-gil Road...

Sellers started to set up their stalls.

We went to get a cup of hot chocolate at one of the cafes.

Seomyeon Underground Shopping Center:
If you are a shopaholic, this will be an alternative place for you to shop without have to worry about the weather coz shops are located underground. I bought some really nice hoodies for my kids at a great discount after I bargained with the seller.

Our local friends brought us to one of their favourite restaurants to have bulgogi beef. 

Gwangalli Beach + Gwangan Bridge:
After dinner, we passed by the Gwangalli beach. People were busy playing with fireworks illegally beach side. You can play if you want to but make sure don't get caught by the police.

Lots of pojangmacha (tented restaurants) are available for guests to sit in and have their meal.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Exploring Kranji Countryside

We ventured to the North-West part of Singapore last weekend. Honestly, it was our very first time stepping into the Kranji Countryside area and I'm amazed that there were so many places to explore.

We wanted to expose the kids to more nature and learn more about mangroves wildlife reserves. Admission is free from 7am to 7pm.
Remember to bring along insect repellant, cap/hat and portable fan.

Signages to show public about the various species of birds, insects and reptiles.

Learning about plants.

The small exhibition inside the air-conditioned room.

Mud-skippers sculptures

Too hot to resist getting a shade from big leaves.

More exhibitions for visitors.

Close encounter with some special "residents".
2nd Stop: Bollywood Veggies
We only stopover for a lunch break. 

3rd Stop: Hay Dairies Goat Farm
This was their favourite place, I think we spent quite a bit of time feeding these goats. Some baby goats were placed in the nursery area whereby we were not allowed to feed them. 

Each packet of hay cost $5.

A close encounter with these goats made the children so happy.

1 packet of hay was not enough for them so they went to buy another packet to feed these hungry goats.

We tried the chocolate flavoured goat milk and it was really yummy.