Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aching Leg @ FHA 2008

Yesterday I was at the FHA 2008 almost for the whole day, registered myself, walked around those wine booths sourcing for new wine labels for our company wine list. The FHA event this year was quite big, can't imagine myself to finish walking from Hall 1 to Hall 7. But I was hanging around Hall 1 & Hall 2 most of the the time tasting wines, talking to representatives from the winery. There were lots of free wine & food samples to taste as well....it was getting crowded in the afternoon. By the time I reached home, I was already limping my way home...my feet were aching. Imagine wearing high heels and walked non-stop for a couple of hours! I thought enough was enough, since I'm sending my mum to the nearby shopping centre to collect her health report, I could scout for low heels shoes instead, Muahaha! In the end, I bought myself 2 pair of shoes. Hopefully, my feet will feel better walking at the Expo for the next few days :)

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