Sunday, April 6, 2008

Congrats to Cousin June..

Yippee...I'm feeling happy for my cousin sis coz she's pregnant now . I remembered all of us drove up to KL and attended her wedding in January this year, it was a fun & joyous occasion for all of us. Although we seldom keep in contact after Uni, coz both of us were so busy with work & relationship. But we still feel at ease to chit chat till wee hours whenever we have the opportunity to see each other.

My playmate since the 1st day I was born, my confidant when I was feeling down or happy, of course there were times when we fought & quarrel. Although we stayed & studied in different countries (I studied in Singapore whereas my cousin sis studied in Sarawak & KL), we tried to spend our school holidays together by staying over at our Grandparent's house, auntie's house or each other's house. We played together, ate together, slept together...it was full of fond memories. Here are some pics taken by me on her wedding day:

Smile! Make-up & hair styling preparation....
YanShang dressed up early in the morning! He had an important mission which was to "jump" on my cousin's wedding bed.
Annabel cousin yi yi taught YanShang how to play the piano...

2 unknown man holding a tray of roasted pig, a "must" request for Cantonese people.
Yummy food for guests....
The groom kenna sabotaged by xiao yi..had to sing a love song...and must be loud & clear, in the end had to call all his brothers (probably more than 10 person) to help him, an impromptu male choir was formed that day.
The bride & groom
Tea Ceremony
Family portrait
Father & Daughter posing together...

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