Friday, April 25, 2008

Finally it's over

Yes...finally FHA 2008 is coming to an end...an end to endless walking and talking and looking...come to think of it, I was feeling so dead and tired for the past few nights. Last night, my hubby accompanied me to the Networking Dinner organised by the South Australian Singapore Office held at Fullerton Hotel. It's a 6 star hotel and the ambience was nice...Since we were there a bit early, we decided to take a stroll near the Esplanade (where the merlion statue is located now). I think we were there in year 2002 when we just registered our marriage that year and went there for some photo taking with our families. But it was drizzling, so we just stayed under the shelter and admired the Merlion from afar...

After that we strolled back to the hotel and started to drink & talk to people from various trades...it was pretty interesting to meet different people who projected themselves differently in public. We had a four course meal with wines, and the ingredients were sponsored by various wholesalers & producers from South Australia. It was quite yummy! We had the bread (made from special flour) & butter, the fresh oysters, duck consomme, grilled yellow tailed king fish and chocolate tiramisu with tea / coffee. After the dinner, everyone was quite tired and started to leave the ballroom...we were tired too but was happy to be able to go out with the only 2 of us to enjoy a special evening.

People hanging around those booths
Two of our wine-makers came down to participate in the FHA 2008:
Wines from Sigismondi Winery
Wines from Nookamka Winery
Merlion from far...
Hubby & myself
Feeling bored, so taking pics of fishes swimming in the pond located in the hotel
Hubby resting on the arm chair...

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