Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flu + Cough

Both little darlings have been down with flu & cough...brought them straight to see the PD after I was done with all the Nursery's registration & enrolment in the morning. Yes....our little boy is going to Nursery next year...but why the enrolment so early (in April)? I also dunno...I guess in Singapore everything must do so much earlier in advance. The registration started at 9am but when my mum wanted to go down to the school at 8am because she heard from some parents that people queue quite early just to get a place for their children to study there (inside my heart I thought these parents are siao!). True enough, the queue was already more than 10 people when my mum reached the school, unbelievable! Luckily the parents were instructed to take a queue number so as to avoid any pushing or cutting queue. By the time I brought my children down to the school at around 8.45am, there were so many parents hanging around at the common area.

I quickly finished the application process and while waiting for my number to be call out for submission, this kind lady at the registration counter asked me to submit first because some parents were taking too long to finish filling up the application form. So I "jumped" queue...haha! Chop chop finished everything and quickly brought my children to see the PD, waited almost 3 hours for our turn...sigh! By the time I finished everything, it was already too late for me to go back to office and had to call my boss to apply for leave...sigh!

Now the only problem left is to start toilet training our boy...because he was suppose to be diaper free when he start the Nursery next year. Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Time is running out...

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