Monday, June 9, 2008

Surprised Sunday

Posing with Chicken Little

Free Balloons from the Clown

B'day Cake from Hubby

Hubby wanted to bring me out yesterday becoz it's my actual b'day and he wanted to try out the Singapore Flyer, but I was hesitating becoz I knew the charges was quite expensive. Maybe it's school holiday now, so before we reached the carpark, we saw quite a number of cars queuing outside the carpark entrance & many people were walking to that direction for the ride (even though everybody was complaining the increased pricing in Singapore but still could see they were willing to spend money). We decided to drop the idea & went straight to Vivocity for early lunch. On our way to the food court, we saw a few people dressing up as cartoon characters on the deck level. Of course, we managed to take a picture with Chicken Little. But YanShang was quite terrified of a few other characters and we gave up coaxing him to take pictures with them. We were each given a free ice-cream...hehe! After finishing our lunch, we went to Daiso to get some stuff (my favourite place to get cheap stuff becoz everything cost $2 each & everything was imported from Japan). On our way home, hubby stopped by at the shopping mall nearby our house & went to collect the 100% Sinfully Chocolate ice-cream cake from Gelare...yummy! Thank you hubby!

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  1. Blessed Belated Birthday!