Thursday, July 17, 2008

2nd Day @ Childcare Centre

Yesterday my mum brought YanShang to the childcare centre after breakfast. He was slightly better & only cried for 5 minutes, which was a relief ! During the childcare's nap time, I can't help myself but to call the childcare centre & check on YanShang's condition.

Me: Hi Teacher Doreen, how's is YanShang today?
Teacher Doreen: He's very fine, only cried for about 5 minutes in the morning.
Me: Did he eat his lunch?
Teacher Doreen: Oh, he finished his food.
Me: Oh good! good! Did he ask for his pacifier today?
Teacher Doreen: He did! But I told him that today forgot to bring to school & he just sleep with his pillow.
Me: Wow! That's good start...

Yes! I was feeling happy inside my heart & It was a good start for our boy to sleep without his pacifier for once finally...

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