Monday, July 28, 2008

Yummy Crabs from Shanghai!

Hub went to Shanghai for a couple of day on a biz trip, I decided to bring the children to T2 to fetch their papa after I came home from work. I was feeling tired & was down with flu for the past few days. YanShang was not very co-operative with me & was giving me a hard time at the airport. Luckily, my mother saw a group of people crowding one corner & we went towards that direction. We saw those people took papers & placed onto the uneven wood blocks & started colouring on top of it. It was pretty interesting & it was good to distract our boy from all the nonsense he was trying to create. After spending a good 20 minutes there, we took a few more pieces of papers home for YanShang to continue his drawing :P

Hub bought 2 live crabs (Da Zha Xie) from Shanghai, each crab cost SGD40.00 *so expensive*! We went to my in law's house straight away to share the delicious crabs with them. Initially when I heard the name I thought those crabs were as big as Sri Lanka crabs, but the actual crabs were pathetically small...haha! They were still alive when we opened the boxes...I could see the eyes moving from side to side, and bubbles started to come out from their mouths *yucks*! It was so meaty was so yummylicious...it was worth the money!

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