Sunday, September 7, 2008

B'day Bash Part I

Party Packs consist of assorted gummy sweets, jellies, sweets, Xiao Man Tou biscuits, Japanese crackers, balloons
Racing bear cars cake chosen by YanShang
YanShang eyeing on the sugar coated racing cars...
Singing B'day Song!
Every children were enjoying the yummylicious cake!

This was the first time YanShang celebrated his b'day with so many children, we decided to hold his b'day celebration at the childcare centre one day earlier that his actual b'day. I had liaised with the teacher & made all the arrangement for him one week prior the celebration. Before the cake ordering, I tried to get an idea from YanShang what characters he likes because he likes so many & I had no idea what to choose for him. Initially he told me he preferred clown...then changed to Barney....and when I brought him to Prima Deli he told me he preferred racing cars *faint*! So in the end I let him chose the preferred cake design. As for the party packs, I bought and packed every single pack by myself & each packet cost around $2! We reached there at 3.30pm, just in time for those children who had woke up from their nap time. Sang song, cut cake, gave out all party packs to his classmates & teachers....and everything finished within half an hour! Overall, I was relieved that YanShang & all the children had a good time.

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