Monday, December 29, 2008

Down with Bronchitis

Poor YS was sick on Sunday morning, he was coughing & wheezing. Hb suggested that I should bring him to the nearby GP clinic to get some medication. Even though this was not the 1st time that he was suffering from cough, but the wheezing was the worrying part. The GP prescribed some antibiotics and cough medicines first as he wanted me to observe him for a few more days before deciding whether he should give him the inhaler/neubraliser. However his condition did not improve after taking the medication and seemed quite breathless, we got even more worried and decided to send him to KK hospital instead. In the end, the doc diagnosed him with bronchitis. As this is the 1st time YS is feeling breathless, so doc did not directly link his symptom to asthma. We were very worried it was asthma as hb has childhood asthma history, and the chances of our children getting it was quite high too.

YS usually did not have any problem with injections or oral medications but he was struggling for the 1st time while the nurses assisted him with the 2 types of inhaler. He struggled and begged us to let him off while I was held on tightly to his hands. I can't remembered the name of the 2 inhalers but YS was quite resisted to the 2nd inhaler as the smell was quite minty. My heart ached when I heard him cried so "cham"...sigh! But after 2 rounds of the puffing session, he was declared fine by the doc and was able to go home to rest after that. He was prescribed with the Salbutamol inhaler and needed to be on puff for the first couple of days. We tried to bribe him with sweets and after some coaxing, now he finally can "guai guai" sat down and inhaled the medication without struggles. Hopefully YS will understand why mummy forbids him to take any cold stuff from now onwards.


  1. Oh dear, hope YS gets well soon...

    I always keep my fingers crossed whenever it's near CNY, really scared that the kids will fall sick...

  2. Thks :)
    The 2 kids have been taking turns to get sick and I'm worried too. I guess the CNY goodies will be too tempting for the kids to resist, so need to prepare lots of barley water for them during that period.

  3. Uh-oh ... hope both kids are well and back to their healthy selves really soon!

    All the best for the coming year to you and your family!


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