Friday, January 2, 2009

It's School Time...

Today is the 1st day of school (Nursery class) for YS, he has been anticipating for the day to come and finally today is THE DAY! I took half day leave just to accompany him to the new school, he was very excited from the moment he wokes up till he reached the school gate. However, he started to teared up when he was led into his class (Love 1). He started to protest and wanted to go out of the classroom to find me. I was hoping he could settle down after a while, but the situation got worse & I had no choice but to stay by his side for a while. The three nursery classes (Love, Peace, Joy) were led into another classroom for devotion time, where they were taught to sing & to pray. All parents were busied with photo-taking & video-cam their children, but I could not even take a proper picture of YS becoz he was crying.

He was more settled down during the devotion time & finally I managed to take a pic of YS. After the devotion time, all teachers brought them for toilet breaks & subsequently back to their respective classes (this time I quietly sneaked out of the room & quietly observed him from afar). The principal instructed all parents to go for a short orientation briefing & after the briefing parents were allowed to stay around during the first 2 days of school. I managed to peeped into the classroom & saw YS was doing well, finally I was able to go home and rest for a while. When I fetched him after school, he was so happy and told me that he was very happy today in school *happy mummy*.

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