Thursday, January 8, 2009

When to start potty training?

Been asking myself lately when I should start potty training on YQ? Hb has been comparing our children with his colleague's children & found out that their children actually started potty training quite young (around 12 months to 18 months). I have been contemplating whether I should start YQ earlier coz I only started training YS when he was about 30 months old. The reason why I did not started him earlier at that time becoz I felt that he was not ready yet to verbally signal me as and when he wanted to go to toilet.
As a parent, I understand it's best to start the training on our children as early as possible. But personally, I felt that every children is different in their development progress and I have to go with the flow with YS as well. If he's not ready for it, I would not force him too early in case he will has any phobia & ultimately resist to be train. In fact, after a few weeks of potty training, he was able to be diaper free during day time and occasionally during short outings as well. I will continue to train him slowly during nap time & bed time.
YQ is going to be 19 months soon, I was wondering whether I should start her earlier or probably around the same timing as her bro....dilemma, dilemma....sigh!


  1. Hi
    let nature takes its course. The kids will somehow learn how to do it as they grow... they also don't like to wet their bottoms. So when they are ready, they'd give u the signal. I don't really train Xuan and Kai. I think Xuan went diaper free after age 3 ...hahah so late hor... it didn't really bother me :P

    As for Kai, he doesn't like to wear diapers... so whenever he took of his diaper we knew he wants to pee... so he is sort of self-trained :)

  2. Amie - I agree w Tin. Each child have their own timetable. In fact, it is scientifically proven that most children are not able to control their bladder till about 2 plus. And you will need to see if she shows signs of potty readiness.

    So I am taking my own sweet time w K. Besides, he prefer to step in his potty rather than sit on it now..sigh..

  3. Thks Tin & Rachel for your valuable comments...I guess both of u are rite...maybe I should not push them so hard at the moment!

  4. Hi Amie,

    I read in one of those parenting books that you should start potty training when your baby starts to be able to communicate that she needs to pee/poo. I totally didnt understand what they meant until recently Chloe started to point at her stomach everytime she wanted to poo, so we can bring her to the potty. So dont rush! But maybe can encourage her by putting her on potty after meals and asking her if she needs to poo? That's how I started Chloe. Hope this helps!