Sunday, February 22, 2009

Singapore Flyer

Call me Kiasu (though I'm not 100% Singaporean)! The moment I saw from this mummy's blog that we can obtain free passes to the 5 tourist attractions, immediately I sms-ed to STB to get the sms in order to exchange for free passes. My 1st destination in mind was the Singapore Flyer. Saturday was suppose to be the actual day, but hb was so tired after his golf session & I had to bring YS for his music lesson in the late afternoon so we shelved the plan to Sunday. I was not attentive enough to read thru all the terms & conditions at the STB website & thought that the 1st 2009 free tickets were able to be redemned on each day (Saturday & Sunday). When we reached Singapore Flyer at around 10am, there was a big sign to inform incoming visitors that the 2009 free passes for this weekend were already issued out on Saturday. I was so disappointed but hb went ahead with then plan & paid for the tickets (we still get 20% discount when we flashed our sms over at the information counter :P ). I took quite a bit of pictures & hoping that next year STB will be able to organise the something similar for the public again (crossed my fingers - hopefully next year I'm able to get free tickets & go on the Singapore flyer again and see the night view).

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