Thursday, April 9, 2009


Recently I've seen this video online thru some of the mummies' blogs & it was absolutely absurd to see innocent children suffered this kind of treatment from the crazy maid. Honestly, my heart was filled with ache & anger after seeing this video. After sending off 3 horrible maids (although I was lucky my children were safe from any abuse), I was actually relieved to be able to regain back my freedom at home (if you know what I mean). Since I'm maidless now, I'm quite happy with the current status quo. I'm thankful & lucky to have a mother who is willing to sacrifice for me by looking after my 2 little darlings and giving me less worry while I am at work. Some people might felt at ease leaving the kids under the maid's supervision, but for me is a big NO NO! I don't detest them, but it's very difficult for me to trust them since I don't know what they will do behind my back. If only....one day I'm rich enough....I would prefer to stop work for a few years & take care of my little darlings at home...spend more time bonding with them. Yah....if only...when will the day comes!

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