Friday, April 17, 2009

YQ-22 Months / YS-43 Months

YQ is getting very vocal nowadays & blurb out words / sentences which I never thought she will say so soon. We have started to give her potty training occasionally (when lazy mummy is not feeling too tired after work during weekdays + weekend at home). She likes to sing so much that she always hold the mic at home and pretends to be a Superstar singing her heart & lung out at home & Ah ma will be acting as her loyal fan listening to her singing. Since she likes music so much, I had signed her up for the music class starting in May. When she's angry with anyone at home, she will cry and say "I want mummy". When she's angry with me, she will say "I don't want mummy". Time passes so fast & she's turning 2 soon, I'm in the midst of finding & arranging a proper childcare for her. Guess it's time for her to start proper education & mingle with more kids in school.
YS has settled down happily in his current school & I'm so relieved for him. He had a slight horrible experience at the previous childcare school. Every now & then when he passes by that school, he will comment to us that the school is not good & one of the teacher had hit his head before. The bad experience had left a permanent scar in his memory. Every day when I reach home after work, the first question he will ask me is "Mummy! Did you buy any toy for me today?" When my answer is "no", he will ask me "why" *faint*. Due to my laziness, he have not started to be diaper free during naptime yet & I'm slowly working on it now.
The good thing is both kiddos are off the pacifier for good & I'm not worried about forgetting to bring their "chu-chu" when we leave the house, not worried that they will cry & whine if they can't find it. Motherhood is a never ending learning process, my imperfection has somehow affected their behaviour & I must constantly remind myself to set a good example in front of them (it's difficult to control my temper at times but I'm trying....trying hard).


  1. Glad to hear that they don't need the pacifier now :)
    Pacifier is not easy to kick off for some kids, you are really good at it! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Tin! I've learnt that not everything is impossible, it's just a matter of whether we want to do it or not. But as a working mum, I tend to be lazy & put things off till there's an urgency for me to do it. I know I must try to change my bad habit :P

  3. I never use the chut-chut coz my boy was a breastfeeding baby so I save a lot from buying chut-chut. :P

    I tell you, my boy also not diaper free yet... he still needs it at night coz he can't wake up once he is asleep! And I am also lazy to train him coz I can't wake up myself too! hehhehehe

  4. Hi Angeleyes, actually I'm not in a hurry to train my boy, my hubby does. At the same time, we hope to save a little bit of $$$ the sooner the better :P