Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ending of April & Beginning of May-Random Pics

April was a busy month for me as I had scouted & registered YQ for CC starting in May *mummy feeling so excited & anxious*. HB borrowed the Zoo Corporate Pass & we brought the kiddos for another hot & humid adventure walk around the zoo (yes, we missed the rainforest kidzworld again this time).
This time round, I saw that they are offering boat ride (of course must pay lah, nothing is free!). If I'm not wrong, currently children's ticket on promo cost $2 (normally is $2.50) & adult cost $5. It's just a 15 min boat ride around the XXX reservoir....which I might want to try another day. We did not try it partly becoz of the weather condition!

On Labour Day, we decided to bring the kiddos to Marina Barrage
It was a bad decision to go in the afternoon, next time we might try to go again in the late evening.

After the Marina Barrage, we went to Singapore Expo for the Metro Sale & New Mum exhibition. Managed to buy 6 pairs of 3/4 pants for YQ, wanted to let her wear to the CC as the school wanted her to wear her home clothing for the 1st couple of months. As usual, the kiddos went home with their new toys (bought by hb) & balloons given out by the exhibitor.

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