Friday, June 19, 2009

YQ-24 Months / YS-45 Months

Monthly update for the kiddos
1)Behaving more like big bro after I placed them in the same school. He will console mei mei not to cry & hold her hand wherever he goes
2) Still asking a lot of "Why"!
3)He is showing less interest during the weekly music lesson (so now I have to start scouting for alternative enrichment course for him & I'm exploring other area that he is more interested in)

1) Terrible two stage is finally here, more tantrums, crying & whining is going on.
2) She will imitate her bro & asked a lot of "Why" as well.
3) She is very picky during meal times especially in school.
4) Her favourite reply to us are usually "不要啦!" , "不可以啦!", “不好啦!"...all negative answers!

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