Wednesday, July 15, 2009

YQ- 25 Months / YS- 46 Months

Both Kiddos were down with cough & flu for the past few weeks, we were basically in & out of the GP clinic as well as the chinese physician clinic which explained why their medical bills cost a bomb. Anyway, now they are recovering & hopefully they will maintain that way for good. I'm still sourcing for art class for YS at the nearby community centre but the customer service lady told me that I can only enrol him for the class only after he turn 4 years old. What logic is that? Actual b'day only difference by a few months & she won't allow me to do the enrolment.

After almost a month plus at the new childcare, both of them have started to settle down more peacefully especially for YQ. Initially she will cry everyday (at least twice a day), now her emotion is more stable & I don't feel so stress when I bring her to school everyday. YS has started to know some new friends in school & seems more relax around his classmates. Their command of English have improved slightly & sometimes we will converse in English.

Interesting conversations with them:
YS: Mummy, 我是老板!妹妹是小姐!爸爸是老板!妈咪是小姐!
YQ: 我是小姐,kor kor是老板!
Mummy: =_=

YS: Mummy, 明天有没有上学?
Mummy: 有,明天是Monday!
YS: 为什么是Monday?
Mummy: Aiyoh, Monday就是Monday咯. *shake head*

YS: Mummy, 为什么路上的车不会走?
Mummy: 因为红灯的时候车就停咯,变绿灯车才会走。
YS: Mummy, 为什么车要驾这样快?
Mummy: *looking at papa & keep quiet*

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