Monday, August 31, 2009

DIY Teacher's Day Card cum Bookmark

This was my 1st attempt to prepare Teacher's Day presents with my kiddos, I guess there will be more for me later on....
I was looking for a purr..fect gift for their teachers, hoping that it will be useful for them to use as well. Luck was on my side as we spotted those cute strawberries at Metro which can be transformed into bags. I quickly grabbed what I needed & proceeded to the cashier counter. Next we went to Popular bookshop & source for some papers, I had some ideas in my my mind & grabbed the colour I wanted & paid for it.
The kiddos were excited to be involved in this little project & we spent around 15 minutes finished up everything. We made little cards which can be used as bookmarks for their teachers & used the string from the bags to secure them together.

Special messages printed out by me

Kiddos applied glue on the cut out messages
Kiddos pasted their favourite stickers on the front of the cards.
Finished product : strawberry bags with personalised cards made by kiddos & mummy!

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