Monday, October 5, 2009

Trip to Bangkok (2 Oct - 4 Oct)

Sawadeeka! We are finally back from a 3D2N holiday from Bangkok. The last time we had a family holiday overseas was 1 year ago to Genting Highland. After weeks of preparation, we finally had our 2nd family holiday at Thailand (a bit pity that my in laws did not join us for this trip). Therefore only 5 of us went for this trip (me, hb, my mum, 2 kiddos). The kiddos were excited during the flight takeoff...YQ was quite okay throughout the ride, but YS was having a hard time with his blocked ears due to the aircraft pressure. After I taught him how to clear his blocked ears, he was calmer during his return flight.
We tried to pack light for this trip (2 small luggages) but came back with 1 extra big luggage & a new stroller. After this trip I knew it was not very fun to bring along our kids for shopping spree coz they did not really appreciate the art of "shopping" haha!
Anyway, after this trip I've understood better & became wiser when we need to plan for another holiday in future. And if we need to walk mostly throughout during the tour, it's best to bring along a stroller. Luckily we managed to find a cheap stroller in Bangkok & hb insisted to buy 1 stroller for them to rest their feet by taking their turns (although our little missy occupied the stroller most of the time & did not want to let her kor kor to rest his feet) *faint*
My hb's cousin is working in Bangkok now, thanks to her we were able to get a good room rates for our hotel stay & bargained quite a few good deals during our shopping trips. She brought us to quite a few places in Bangkok within such a short period of time:
1) Platinum Mall (shopping centre which sell stuff @ wholesale price)/ Central Mall
2) Went to pray to elephant god & four faced buddha
3) Amphawa floating market which was about 1-1.5 hours away from the city (got to see lots of fireflies at night during the boat trip)
4) Went for whole body massage & scrub (highly recommended by hb's cousin & I got a culture shock after the session coz I felt so naked & bare in front of the masseur :P)

The only thing which I brought along but did not keep my promise with the kiddos was swimming. They were eyeing for the opportunity to take a dip in the pool but lazy mummy was too tired to bring them for a splash of fun *guilty as charged*. I will try to make it up to them if we are going for another holiday again soon (hope hb will get the hint) haha!

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