Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas @ Orchard Road

The big mega x'mas tree outside Ion Orchard

Taken from inside of the x'mas tree
YS posed with one of the fake reindeers along Orchard Road, YQ too terrified to stand close to them so no pics taken for her...
A snapshot of Orchard Road using my lousy mobile camera

This year is my 1st time ever tried to bring the kiddos to Orchard road to see the x'mas lightings. In actual fact, I don't like to walk through the crowds & always tried my best to avoid any crowded areas. Guess what! we went on a Saturday night...the roads ware jammed packed with cars....the walkways were jammed packed with people. But it was a good experience for the kids!

I found the x'mas decors along Orchard Road not very fascinating & enticing....the x'mas mood was so-so only. Will we go again next year? We'll see.....

Plus my new mobile' camera function sucks...unable to take nice pictures & the battery life is shorter. Still miss my old mobile phone though (my mum is using it now)! Hb took our current camera for his Argentina biz trip. Or perhaps...Santa Claus could give me a new camera as a x'mas present? sigh.....I wish lor....

YS: Mummy, where are we going?
Mummy: We are going to Orchard Road to see x'mas lightings
YS: Wow, we are going to Orchard "loot"
Mummy: Boy...wrong pronunciation lah...Orchard Road & not Orchard loot..
YS: Orchard loot...Orchard loot...Orchard root...
Mummy: +_+ (perhaps it's really time to send him for phonic class soon..)


  1. Outings like that may not mean anything for us, but they mean so much for the little ones. So it is definitely worth it, jostling with the crowd and traffic to bring them to experience the Christmas lights.

  2. wow..Singapore is lighted up. Ya, I love Christmas. Hello, my name is Viviana and would like to share best blog award with you. Get the award from my 5 recent post. Thanks.