Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parents-Teachers Meeting

I went for my 1st PTM ever since they joined the school in June this year. I was feeling excited & wondered what sort of feedbacks I will get from their teachers.

For YS, his teachers (English & Chinese) commented that he has shown big improvement since June till now. He has shown improvement in his command of English, quite good in his motor skills. His command of Mandarin has been very good & he is able to influence his peer to speak more Mandarin in class. However, the teachers find that he is quite scared of getting himself dirty :P when he is required to come into contact with sand / soil. Compared to his classmates, he is slightly slow in his phonics & writing, but he is improving along the way. He is very slow in finishing his lunch, likes to store his food in his mouth.

For YQ, the 1st thing her teachers (English & Chinese) commented about her is that she loves music (dancing & singing). Now she is able to do things quite independently without her brother's company. She used to look for her brother whenever she cries but now she does not need to rely on her brother anymore. She is less clingy to her comfort things. She dares to express her feelings to her English teacher now by trying to speak to her in English. She is quite vain...haha...the teachers told me that she will often request them to tie her hair. Her appetite is quite good & I was surprised to hear that she will finish her vegetables during her meal time. Overall she is very participative & attentive in class.

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