Thursday, November 5, 2009

Waiting anxiously...

For past weeks, I have looked at various models, compared pricing & features that best suited for my usage. Since I'm going to recontract my current phone line & it's about time for a change of new mobile phone. I was eyeing at the I-Phone...Samsung Omnia II & Nokia N97 for quite a while but in the end felt that it was not worth to fork out more than $100 & above just to buy the phone (since I'm going to change my mobile once a year or every 2 years).

I was browsing thru all the current models & saw Samsung Jet. The features looked pretty interesting & I just need to fork out around $50 for the phone...looked like a pretty good deal for me.

Yes! Finally I'm going to pass over my old Nokia N82 to my mum & now waiting for Starhub to deliver the new mobile phone to me...hiak hiak hiak!
Updated: Just received a call from Starhub, the caller said I'm entitled to a discount voucher therefore the cost of the phone & the delivery charge will be FOC...woohoo!


  1. Looks like u have been bitten by the techno bug for phones :P I am still obsessing over my cam and the free photography tools available online.

  2. Yah babe, I think probably I use my phone more than my camera & I often use the phone to take pic of my kiddos :)

  3. I get a voucher from M1 ask me to re-contract and get Samsung F480i FOC. Not sure this model good or not but since free I will go and get it too.
    What model is your samsung? the pic so big! hehe..

  4. Hi Moon,
    My model is Samsung Jet.