Friday, March 19, 2010

March Updates

Hb & mil accompanied me for the fetal assessment a few days ago @ TMC hospital. The process took a little bit longer coz bb was not very co-operative this time. The bb curled up and the radiographer had a tough time trying to scan. So I was being instructed to go and empty my bladder and walk around just wake up the little fellow inside my womb. Yes...we are expecting a BOY this time, the kiddos were very happy that they are going to have a little brother to play with very soon.

Maybe becoz this is going to be my last pregnancy, I totally forgotten about 胎教. In fact, my hb and my mum has to remind me to play some classical music to educate our bb. So I dig out my special headphones and plug it into the CD player, the kiddos were so curious when I placed the headphones onto my belly area. At this moment, YS started asking me a very funny and logical question:

YS:Mummy, how can didi hear the music when your belly does not have any holes?
Mummy: Oh, the music will penetrate through my skin and transmit the music to didi.
YS: But then your tummy don't have any holes leh! *still in his thoughts with a very big question mark*

As for the kiddos' progress, YS is going to finish his 1st module of Phonics class and I have enrolled him for the 2nd module which is starting in April. His progress is taking very slow but I do not want to give him too much pressure. I have also enrolled him for his beginner swimming class nearby our home and he's very excited about the upcoming swimming lesson in April.

YQ is still going for her weekly music lesson and it's coming to an end soon, she will be progressing to another level in May. I'm still thinking whether to let her continue or not as I'm actually quite interested to enrol her for the ballet class when she turns 3 this year. She still the little Ms. stubborn missy at home and in the school. Her form teacher had complained to me a few times of her attitude and behaviour in class and she suspected maybe it's due to my pregnancy so she wants more attention from us.

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