Friday, July 30, 2010

July Updates

July is a month where we welcome the arrival of Junior YS into our family, a month where I have known 2 new friends from KK hospital which we promised to try to keep in touch with each other after we were discharged from the hospital.

Due to some reason, YQ is terminating her music class at the end of July too & I have decided to enrol her for the toddler's ballet class at dancepointe nearby our house. She is very excited and can't wait to wear her pink ballet uniform & shoes. I have known another new friend who is the mother of YQ's classmate. It's a great feeling to widen my circle of friends & great to be able to keep in touch with these mothers to talk about motherhood.

YS is still progressing quite well in his phonics class & her teacher has gave the green light to let him to proceed to the next level. He is still quite hesitant whenever he has to go for his swimming lesson, I think he missed more lessons than he is suppose to coz he falls sick quite frequently.

Besides trying to adjust myself during this confinement month, can't wait to start my post-natal massage & try to slim down as much as possible. I'm very lucky to have my mum & mil to help out for my confinement meals. Initially, I tried the confinement catering food for a week, the food was not that fantastic & I find it's not really worth spending that sort of pricing for the food they deliver. Probably I'm too picky, who knows!

It's a month where I finally can renounce my M'sia citizenship at the M'sia High Comm & was very surprised that they managed to get my processing done within 3 days. Initially I thought the processing takes around 5-8 months (according to the various Internet info) to get my renounce citizenship done. In case you are going to renounce your citizenship done at M'sia High Comm, remember to get ready these documents before you go:

When you reach there in the morning, tell the security guard at the guard house that you are going to the consular office, they will issue a different pass from those people who are processing their passports. When you reach the consular office, go and get the form K application forms and fill in all the relevant details. Make sure to bring the original copy & 2 photocopies:

1) Blue Singapore PR I/C
2) Malaysia I/C
3) Current Passport & Old Passport
4) Birth Certificate (must be laminated or else they will ask you to get it done before submission)
5) 2 passport sized photographs with white background
6) Prepare SGD$10 for the processing fee

After submission, they will ask you to come back 3 days later to get the "renunciation letter" & your passports & I/C are non-refundable to you. They will post a letter one year later to you for the collection of birth certificate & original Form K. Using the renunciation letter, you are able to book an appointment with ICA to take the Oath of Renunciation. Appointment dates can only be change up to 3 times. After that you are able to process your Singapore pink I/C & passport.

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