Saturday, October 16, 2010

A visit to Sentosa 16-10-10

We decided to bring the family out for a night of fun at Sentosa island. We went for a simple dinner & to check out the musical fountain show (Song of the Sea). I remembered when I was still a child, musical fountain show was suppose to be free for everyone. Anyway the kids were so excited & happy when they saw the big Sentosa logo at the entrance of the island. We drove in, paid for the entrance fee & parked our car near the destination we wanted to go.

The place was jam packed with people. When I went to the tickets counter to exchange for ticket, they had put up the sign to inform people that the tickets were all sold out for the Song of the Sea shows. Lucky us, we got our tickets through online booking (which cost us $10/per person, children below 3 years old is FOC). I went to get the tickets & we had a quick dinner at the nearby restaurant, the food was so-so only & very expensive *heartpain*. Overall, the 25 minutes show was not too bad & the kids enjoyed themselves very much. Of course, the kids wanted to come again & we promised them we will bring them there again.

Our dearest YS was dancing happily towards the end of the show, I didn't know our boy has the potential to become the "wu wang"! *beaming*

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