Wednesday, October 6, 2010

YanSan Development (1-3 months)

Our dear little didi is growing up well...now he is 4.85kg & 58cm tall. Although his growing percentile is not on the high side but he's progressing slow & well. Little YS is starting to get used to his bed routine now...usually he will be asleep by 10-11pm. He is quite an attention seeker baby and constantly wants someone to communicate with him, otherwise his thunderous voice will bug you until you surrender...haha! He is starting to smile, laugh & babbles some baby language to us when we play with him. Jie Jie & Kor Kor loves him very much & always sayang him.

Anyway...back to reality! Time flies, 3 months of rest at home is finishing soon & time to go back to workforce *sianz*. My dream of becoming SAHM is still a faraway dream for me. Hopefully, my wish will come true one day...if not now but later on! Hopefully god will give me the strength to let me fulfill what I have to do now!

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