Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas this year....

Festive season is here again & I would like to wish all of you a Merry Merry Christmas this year. Time flies...and it's December again! Time for reflection on what we did this year and set our new year resolution soon.

It was quite a busy month for me, dh was away to London for a week (thank you hubby for the lovely Burberry bags ;P) & at the same time my relatives came to visit Singapore for a couple of days. The kiddos was sick one after another. Anyway I brought the kiddos to Changi Airport T3 & Orchard Road to experience the "christmas" feel. Sometimes I wished there is a machine that can clone me & I could do different things at the same time.

Happy expressions from the kiddos when daddy bought them toys as x'mas presents

X'mas tree @ Jusco Malaysia (they actually used recycled platic bottles to do this x'mas tree..cool!)

X'mas decor @ Sutera Mall

Kiddos @ Changi Airport T3 - The Magical Teapot that rolled out coloured ping pong balls & you can use the balls to exchange for mystery gifts.

The Christmas Fantasy Castle @ Changi Airport T3 - you can purchase anything from any retail outlets at the airport and one receipt allowed one children to enter for 10 minutes of fun. The kiddos loved it & they were so sad when the 10 minutes allowance was over.

No chance to get the mystery prizes...only managed to exchange for free mint sweets!

Sexy Santa Claus @ Takashimaya Orchard...so hilarious!

Disco balls decor on the x'mas tree @ Ion Orchard, you wanna party?

Okay....it's been a while since I updated about our youngest member of the family, haha! Junior YS is still extremely active & playful. He never stops trying to flip, roll & sit. He is now 5 months old & he is very observant to his surroundings. Sometimes his cry is damn power that mummy has to raise the white flag to surrender to him.

Learning to sit on the high chair

Learning to sit in the walker

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