Monday, December 6, 2010

Sorry Mr. Lizard!

No, Mr Lizard was not sun-bathing on the floor...he was officially dead (RIP). We suspected Mr Lizard was trying to run away from the enemies & accidently got himself squashed flat by the closed door....a little bit of drama isn't it? haha....

We saw Mr Lizard was lying flat upside down when my mum opened the door. Yup, no broken tail...no screaming....no broom chasing it around the house. It was so dead that YS wasn't even afraid of going near the little creature.


  1. Oh dear...! I almost fainted when I saw the lizard picture... yucks! I'm terrified of lizards, including dead ones.

    BTW, think I saw your son and mum last Sunday at the SK swimming complex. :)

  2. haha! Probably my mum brought him to his weekly phonics lesson at the Anchorvale CC...