Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Children Updates

All the kiddos were sick for the past few weeks as the virus had been spreading like mad around the house. At times, they like to fight, squabble, complain about each other. I don't have any siblings so I don't understand why they like to fight so much *faints*. Anyway, sometimes it is such a bliss to see them to play together so happily or whisper secret to each other's ear :)

YS is progressing quite fine in school now...been trying my best to motivate him to learn his spellings well & practice more on his abacus. July is coming soon & it is time for me to prepare for his Primary school enrolment *stress*.

YQ is turning 4 soon in June & kiasu mummy has already prepared the presents for her classmates :). Recently, she has been became quite difficult to handle & became very clingy to her pillow. Complaints from her teachers had made up my mind to put a stop on her from bringing her precious pillow to school. Every morning, she will cry non stop until the teachers drag her into the school compound. I hope this terrible phase will pass over soon.

As for the youngest member of our family, Junior YS is still the same active baby. Constantly cries for attention. He loves swimming but mummy only bring him for a swim if kor kor & jie jie are going for swimming lesson. Recently realised that he tends to grind his teeth when he is not sucking his pacifier. Trying to stop this bad habit of his!

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