Tuesday, June 7, 2011

[Product Review] Cleebo Tweezer

Thanks to Sophie & Friends (S) Pte Ltd, I was given the opportunity to do a product review on Cleebo tweezers. This tweezers is only suitable to remove solid / semi-solid nasal mucus or some people will call them "bi sai", "bogies" or "boogers"". I was quite attracted by the packaging & material of this product. It comes with a container to hold the tweezers & interchangeable coloured tips in place. The material is safe & soft (made from medical-grade silicone).

To be honest, I bought my 1st plastic nasal tweezers 6 years ago & I simply keep it aside for good. The material is too hard & I don't dare to use due to the fear of injuring my little ones if they start to struggle too much. In the end, I would resort to cotton buds or my finger nails (which I do not encourage). Cotton bud is dangerous too because there will be a possibility that the cotton wool will drop off from the stick & the cotton wool will be stuck inside the nostril together with the mucus. Last resort will be using my fingernails but they will only cry in pain while I try to get the yucky mucus out.

Personally, I was delighted to receive the Cleebo tweezers because the material is really soft at the tip and it is more hygienic as I can use different coloured tips on different kids. It can be clean in steriliser or hot water after using it. Each set of silicone tip has a safety tab to prevent us from inserting too far into their nostrils. It can be used in 3 ways:

Option 1) Use in the same way as conventional tweezers.

Option 2) Close both tips together and use with a 'dragging' action, similar to using a cotton bud.

Option 3) Pull tweezers wide apart and use one side only as noted in 'Option 2' above. This method is very effective for tiny nostrils. Following this process, should the tips remain too wide apart, simply pinch the tweezers immediately above the 'circle' between the thumb and the forefinger and squeeze to reduce the gad as required.

Now I do not have to afraid that my kids will feel the pain while I remove their mucus anymore! If you are interested to get one for yourself or for your friends who is going to have a baby soon, can always go to their website for online order :)

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