Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kiddos Development (till August 2011)

I have been very very slack nowadays...hardly update about the progress & development about the kiddos. Time flies & all of them are growing so fast. Sometimes I wish they can grow up quickly, yet at times I wish time will slow down so that I can still get to be as crazy as them. Life is so contradicting isn't it?
Anyway, back to reality....I have to face the fact that one day my boys will be men someday & my girl will be a lady someday. Mothers will always be mothers....they will forever be my little babies in my heart & the constant worrying will not stop till I leave this world for good!

Junior YS is still crawling with one leg (as he prefers to tuck the other leg under his buttock) but the crawling speed doesn't lose out to any other normal crawling babies. We brought him to see a chiropractic doctor hoping that his spinal alignment won't be affected by his unique crawling behaviour, and now he's learning how to walk already at 14th months. His speech development is not as fast as his sister but able to use some sign languages to communicate with us. His high pitch sound is super irritating to the ears when he shouts and always attract lots of attention when he does that in public & I have to quickly cover his mouth or use food to stuff into his mouth to prevent him from shouting *headache*. 

YQ is still very much the lady like girl in our house. Usually she will use her soft spoken tone to talk to us (except when she's throwing a tantrum), she will eat like a lady with a small mouthful each time (except when I am rushing her to eat faster when there is time constraint). She is very much the daddy's girl & hb's heart melts when YQ behaves that way. She is a doting sister to her little bro. When I am busy, she will try to help me to do certain simple tasks or looks after little bro when I asked her to.

YS is practically the joker in the house, he will crack silly jokes to entertain us when he is in his hyper good mood. Sometimes he will act like a big brother by nagging at his sister and is still trying to learn how to be a good role model in front of his sister & brother. He is still trying to overcome his fear in certain things which I'm trying to encourage him to do although I know he doesn't like it at all.

No one is perfect & never will .....sometimes it's good to see those flaws once in a while to remind ourselves to become a better person in the society.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and about your kids here :) like yourself, I've been guilty of not keeping track on the growing up days of my children as well :S *guilt stricken* but great that you are taking time to do so now...

    Agree with you that as mothers, we will never rest in caring and watching out for our kids even when they are in their adulthood that's what mothers do or rather wired to be... :)