Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Blues....

This picture reflected my mood on a Monday morning....so so "GREY". For that moment, I felt I was going to lose my precious boy but god was kind enough to let me have him back to my side. I have never felt so helpless & scared in my entire life, seeing my beloved boy suffering from seizure for the very first time in front of my very own eyes & yet I can't do much to help him. I managed to hold him in time before he collapsed. My tears just can't stop flowing & my voice just can't stop calling his name...life is so fragile. Luckily an old auntie (whom YS & YQ always greet her whenever they see her at the void deck) was trying to help me to make YS regain his consciousness. Probably those bite marks on my thumb will be a constant reminder to myself to be more observant on him from now on.


  1. My heart and prayer are with you. I have a friend whose son had seizure during his 1st birthday, they cried buckets... I pray that your precious son will recover soon! Take care.

  2. Oh dear! What happened? I hope he is well now. Get well soon, YS!

  3. Christina - thank you :)

    Tin - YS had a seizure attack, in medical term is called fits or convulsion. But since this is his first attack, the doc are not going to put him on long term treatment unless its going to happen again to him. He is fine now & has resumed back to school. Thank you for the concern :)