Monday, October 31, 2011


Just over the weekend, YS asked me a very funny question about marriage. Obviously he's not in the right age to marry any girl now but he seemed to be quite concern about my thinking on his future wife. I can't believe when my six years old boy started to ask me about this while I was watching my tv program in the living room & he was swinging on the swing at the same time.

YS: Mummy, do you mind if one day I marry someone who is an ang moh?
Me: Why leh? Why did you ask me this sort of question?
YS: No lah, just wanted to know your reaction only?
Me: Do you really want to know?
YS: Yes....
Me: What if I say I mind?
YS: Oh...then I will tell the girl that I'm sorry I can't marry you, I have to go and find another wife
Me: *FAINT*...hahahaha!

Both of us burst out laughing over his funny answer. Actually I'm not racist & I don't really mind which girl he marries next time as long as she is filial, understanding and able to give him full happiness. I purposely said that just want to know what sort of answer he will give me & am quite surprised that nowadays children really mature too fast as compared to our childhood time. I guess when he is slightly older, he might give me a different answer again :)


  1. hahaha! That is soooo cute! I'm sooo looking forward to when I get to have such conversations with my daughters.. currently they are only 19mths old and 9 mths old though.. kekeke..

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I'm sure there will be plenty of these conversations with your girls in future & be prepared for the unusual answers they will give ...:)