Friday, October 14, 2011

Mummy, Are there anymore cockroaches around?

Yup, that's the question YS will ask me almost everyday before he gets into my car (or should I say company's car). On days when I'm in a rush to send them to school, it's quite frustrating to see my boy opened the car door slowly, looked around the interior of the car for any unusual "suspects". Sometimes he took such a long time that I have to threaten him by saying "If you want to keep on wasting everyone's time, then you have to walk to school by yourself...etc", then he will hop onto the car unwillingly with a sulky face.

Oh well...I dunno when the car started to have cockroaches. When I took over the use of the car from my ex-colleague, I did not really go and scan carefully the whole interior of the car. But I must admit that when I took over it, the car had cigarettes smell, slightly dirty & dusty. I had to spend some time to clean up the mess & remove the smell. As time passed, I started to notice small & medium sized cockroaches "jay-walking" around in the car & my son always freaked out when he saw one. Probably the cockroaches might have been living in the car for ages & laid lots of eggs, or probably these cockroaches might have crawled in from somewhere that I've parked & they crawled in to become "permanent residence".

It came to a point that I could not tolerate it anymore and went to search for ways to kill these creatures, from using my shoes to tissues to my bare hands. In the end, I decided to get these cockroach traps from supermarket & placed it inside the car. True enough, all the ah gong, ah ma, papa, mama and baby cockroaches went into the trap & died. But I think there are still a few survivors hiding somewhere out there so I still change the trap occasionally & I can see a few small mini baby cockroaches in the trap.

Sometimes, YS will ask me "Mummy, why do insects exist in this world? I don't like insects at all." Then I paused & replied to him "I know...not many people like insects & so do I, but I believe every living things exist in this world for a reason. Whether we like it or not, we still have to live with it." Then I tried to avoid this topic & tried to tell him that actually the world has different types of cockroaches & we googled about it. Do you have any good methods to deal with these pests in the car?

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