Thursday, December 15, 2011

No More Shaky Tooth

YS complained to me that he had a shaky tooth a couple of weeks ago. I have tried to convince him that I could help him expedite it to fall out faster by using my hand to pull it out or tie a string on his tooth & slam the door...etc. He was just too terrified to try all these methods that I have suggested.

Yesterday, I brought the kiddos to dine at KFC & they were very happy. While all of us were busy enjoying our yummy chicken meal, YS suddenly freaked out when he saw some blood on his hands. He stopped munching & looked at me, I told him to spit out the food from his mouth & saw that his shaky tooth was still dangling onto his gum. I took a wet tissue & asked him to open his mouth, within seconds I pulled out his tooth gently & placed on the table for him to admire. He was one happy boy at that time and thanked me for bringing him to KFC & he finally got rid of his shaky tooth because I brought him to eat KFC..haha!

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