Monday, March 19, 2012

SmartKids Asia 2012

This was my 1st time to the SmartKids Asia event at Expo & glad to say that I managed to find some time to go there during the weekend. To bring 3 kids with the help of my mum to the expo wasn't really easy for me. One moment I had to bring one of them to the toilet, the next moment the youngest one was crying for milk and then one of them kept on asking for this and that :(
Initially I thought I can finished everything within 2 hours, but we stayed there for more than 6 hours *faint*. But I was glad to be able to find very useful stuff for my children & even brought them to do the skin allergy (at a discounted price) & eyesight test (free). Within that 6 hours, I spent more than $200...haha! Hopefully my investment won't go to waste & I can see improvement in them.

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