Friday, March 9, 2012

Surviving Through Term 1

Times flies, YS has survived Term 1 of his Primary 1 schooling life. I'm pretty sure he will be so happy to know that he is able to relax a bit during his 1 week of school break. For the past few months, I got to know his classmate's mother whom we exchanged quite often about our parenting thoughts & our childrens' progress in the school. We often encourage each other to be more patience & more tolerance to our childrens' needs. I guess both of us are pretty much on the same wavelength in terms of coaching our children. We try not to stress them too much by going to too many enrichment classes & tuitions. Let them enjoy their Primary 1 life and monitor how they are progressing in the school is our ultimate aim.

The education on LOVE!!!
Of course, I have realised this year I have bought more canes. Canes have became my assistant to discipline YS when he misbehaved. The moment he hears that I'm going to get my cane or if i put the cane nearby within his sight, he will try to be more well behave. I'm sure all parents in the world do not love to use the cane on their children? 

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