Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Product Review] - Para'Kito

Mosquitoes problem has been quite a headache ever since we moved to this temporary home & my children have been the victims of these blood sucker. I'm quite paranoid & helpless when I saw them scratched non-stop. They have very sensitive skin so when those blood suckers attack my kids, their wounds take ages to heal. Needless to say I was very happy to receive these Para'Kito fashionable wristband & the clip from the mail. 

Each pack of wristbands or clips comes with two pellets. These pellets are chemical (DEET) free and waterproof, which are safe to use by pregnant women & young children. For active children or adults who likes to do outdoor sports or swimming, they can still wear it without worrying about the product's efficacy when comes in contact with water or rain. 

These pallets are specially designed based on a proprietary technology of impregnation of essential oils extracted from plants, into polymers. Each pallet can last for 15 days. It is very easy to use, only need to open the protective bag and insert the pellet under the netting of the Para'Kito accessory. These pallets are manufactured in France and Para'Kito products are available worldwide and at 44 outlets in Singapore (For e.g, selected Watson's stores, Robinsons, OG, Mothercare and Cold Storage supermarkets [June 2012 onwards]). Wristbands and clips (with two pellets) retail from SGD26.50 and the refill pellets (two pellets) retail at SGD14.90

For more information, please visit www.parakito.com

Review (after 1 week) - I tried it on YS by letting him wear the wristband almost 24 hours everyday (except bathing). So far, lesser attacks from mosquitoes & lesser complaints from him. I have stop the application of the insect repellent spray on him too. Within a week of using it, he was attacked once with a few new bites on him so that is consider an improvement. Overall rating: 3.5 / 5


  1. Hi Amie, How long does the patch last? I always attract mozzies so this sounds good but are they really effective?

  2. Hi Susan,

    This one is not the patch type, but is a pellet type which you can wear it like a wristlet or in a tag that can be hang onto your bag or stroller. Basically each pallet can last for 15 days or more. I tried it on my son by letting him wear almost 24 hours a day, at least there are lesser mozzies attacking him.

  3. Does it produce a smell?

  4. Yes, it has a mild smell to repel the mosquitoes.