Monday, May 28, 2012

Growing Updates- Junior YS

Its been ages since I last update about Junior YS *very guilty mummy*, he has been in his terrible two phase ever since he passed his 1st b'day. He has started childcare in May 2012 & been crying non stop from the moment we arrive the school's entrance in the morning. Heart pain is inevitable but I guess he just needs time to adjust to the normal routine.
His temper is still as hot as the chilli padi & sometimes I'm amazed by his different ways of throwing his temper when he does not get his way *faint*. He loves cars, buses...and basically any transportation vehicles, he will play with these toys & sometimes these toys died-ed in casualty *laughed*. He is very good in saying numbers (one to ten), "cars", "bus", "xie-xie" (thank you), "please". He loves human touch a lot, and always wanted to be hug, pat & carry around. My favourite part is he loves listening to mummy reading story books / flash cards to him.
I hope the terrible two phase can pass quickly & get used to the school routine as soon as possible.


  1. He is such a cutie:). Despite the so-called terrible two, I still think that this is the best, cutest moment of them;).

  2. Thks for the compliment pc, yah..can't deny he's a cutie now & will definately miss the moment he outgrow this phase :)