Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[Product Review] - Ultimate Colla-gen

Personally I do drink collagen but not on a regular basis, I guess its part of women's nature by wanting to look & feel good for their overall wellbeing. I tried brands that have strong fishy after-taste but I still drink for the sake of vanity :) , as people always say "No Pain, No Gain" (although the pain is not really applicable in this case..haha!). I received a box of Korean Ultimate Colla-gen samples to try. The best part is after I mixed with my favourite yogurt drink, there is a tinge of blueberry smell & has no fishy after-taste.
Here are some facts about Collagen:
Do you know that Collagen occupies up to 30% of the total protein in body found in the skin, bone, joint, cartilage, blood vessels, tendons and teeth? As we age, around the age of 25, collagen levels start to drop, at about 1.5% every year. I was quite shocked to know that by the age of 45, the collagen levels in your body will have reduced by up to 30%. No wonder our aging bodies will start to feel body aches & pains. Wrinkles and spots will start to appear on our skins.
Product Info:
1) Ultimate Colla-gen caters to people of all age groups. There are 2 formulations available:-
For individuals who are in their 20s till their 40s, ultimate Colla-gen Plus nurtures skin, hair and nails.
Fod individuals who are in their Golden YEars, Ultimate Colla-gen Gold nurtures joints, bones and skin.

2) Ultimate Colla-gen represents an unprecedented advance in Collagen Science offering Collagen Hydrolysate of the lowest molecular size. Its nano-sized Collagen molecules ensure that it can be more easily absorbed and utilised by the body.

3) Ultimate Colla-gen presents the next generation in Collagen supplement, offering the synergistic benefits of 7 BioActive, BioDiversified, Balanced blend of Nano-sized multi nutriend in one holistic dietary supplement pack.

4) No preservatives. No trace metals. No sugar. No empty promises.

5) It is developed and blended in Korea according to stringent korean good manufacturing practices (GMP) regulations for health supplements.

From May 2012 onwards, Ultimate Colla-gen will be available at Nishino Pharmacies and Robinsons. You can hop down to any of these retail outlets to purchase Ultimate Colla-gen.

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