Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Remedies For Curing Mouth Ulcers

I know...mouth ulcers only, no big deal right? But it was a big deal to me this time coz in total I have 5 ulcers at the same time *gross*. In the past, I hardly have any ulcers attack and even if I have, its only 1 or 2 ulcers only. I was in so much pain to even talk to my kiddos that I have to mimic the sound from my mouth for them to guess what I want to convey. Luckily they sort of know what I want to say *smile*.

For myself, I will usually drink oldenlandia water with salt, starfruit juice with salt, barley, green bean soup to cool down the heatiness in my body. Then I will rinse my mouth with salt water & take Vit C drink or pills too. Anyway, I was so desperate to find a cure so I posted my concern on the FB to ask for remedies to cure ulcers, here are some of suggestions I got from the mummies:-

1) Aloe vera gel (must be safe to put in the mouth)
2) Watermelon powder (which you can buy from chinese medical hall)
3) Mouth wash (to kill the germs)
4) Propolis
5) Vit B12
6) Salt (apply it directly onto the ulcers if you have the guts to try it)
7) Manuka Honey with UMF of 16+
8) Lysin (take in the long run & reduce the occurence of ulcers break out)
9) Rub with chilli (er....if you're really daring to try)

My ulcers are getting better & will tell myself not to be so tam jiak (greedy) to eat so much chips in future.


  1. Reluctantly, I choose to sprinkle (instead of rubbing) the ulcer with salt. It hurts to tears at that moment; and no more pain following the ordeal. Next day swollen, third day on the road to recovery.

  2. I'm not so daring to sprinkle with salt either :)