Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Toilet Training In Progress

YQ is turning 5 this year & I know it's sort of late to start toilet training her at night, but I keep telling myself that it's better to be late than never right? Hubby always nag at me to toilet train our kids as early as possible but I'm pretty sure many FTWM out there will agree with me that time is never enough & to juggle between our work in the day & family after work is so tiring (well...unless our energy level is super high & never feel tired at all).

Anyway for YS, I rely on the childcare centre to toilet trained him during the daytime. He will wear training diaper during night time until he is able to control his bladder without wetting himself in bed anymore, that probably ended when he was about 5 too. I did not need to wake him up at night & he just stopped automatically. 

YQ has already been toilet trained by the school during the daytime & usually I will let her wear training diaper during night time. During the Initial training stage I will get up like a zombie in the middle of the night & wake her up from her sleep to go and urine. Sometimes when I'm too tired, she will wake me up instead & tells me that she wets her bed. Therefore I will be the one changing her bed sheet in the middle of the night & dump the soiled bed sheet into the washing machine to wash *faint*.

I realised the recent waterproof mattress protectors which I bought were not very suitable to use as the material (TPU film) were easily damaged when I put into the dryer to dry. Thus urine was able to leak through the waterproof mattress protector and dirty the mattress. In the end, I let YQ resumed back to training diaper again in case of hiccups. I searched frantically almost everywhere for a suitable mattress protector online & managed to find one type to my liking (which I waited for a month for the stocks to arrive *_*). This saddle style mattress protector from bumwear is so convenient that I can just put it on top of the normal mattress cover & if she ever wets the bed again, I just need to remove the top part & replace with a clean one. I bought 2 so that I can interchange both whenever its needed.
At the same time I also try to use the reward system for encouragement. I will reward her with a star every day if she does not wet her bed. But if she wet herself then the star will be forfeited. For every 10 stars she accumulated, I will reward her with something.So far, she has improved bit by bit everyday.


  1. hi Amie,

    :) it is a revisiting my thoughts as we went through toilet training :)

    Being the first time parent myself, i was diligent in toilet training my girl and when it came to my son, i actually delayed because i want my beauty sleep... :)

    For few months now, our boy is free from diaper :) what we did before we started was other than prayer, we told our boy the plan, what he and we will do, he was keen so thus made the plan smoother... so I laid the waterproof fabric under his bed sheet, reduced son's milk before bedtime, and reminded him to go toilet before sleeping. For the first week, we actually stay up late and wake him to go toilet before we(either me or hubby) go to bed.

    And I would wake 3-4hrs later (yes in the middle of the night) to check on him to make sure he is not wet and also get him to go toilet. On the second week, he is adapting well, he woke and went toilet on his own and went back to bed. Once in a while will come into our room to tell me about him peeing..

    After 2nd week, he didn't go toilet that often, once instead of twice. We are thankful for the smooth transition..:)

    When a child is ready, it is easier to train so don't rush or stress the child, if not, she will resist... try to encourage her and praise her when she manages to do it... and refrain from being angry or scold if she cannot, it is ok :)

    加油!! your girl and you can do it!


  2. Hi Jean,
    Thanks for the advice. I'm trying not to stress her coz I understand every kids progress differently & I know this will be a difficult period for her too. Which is why I have a reward system for her :)

  3. My kids were toilet trained at 3 and 4 yrs old. I use waterproof matteress protectors on all beds at home including ours. Can get them from Robinsons. For night training it was every 2hrs then 2 times a night then once a night.. It was extra for me as I was already waking up and doing night feeds for the younger one. It took about 2-3 months to get them totally off diapers.

  4. I'm not looking forward to the toilet training process.

    They have adult diapers also, right? :D

  5. Dominique-I guess there is not other easy way out. Consistency is the key to success :P

    Regina-Adult diapers? Are u sure u want to use that on him? hehe

  6. this post actually made me feel better of myself . V is 3.5yrs old and i am having a toughie time potty training her at night. Looks like I can wait keke