Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

The 2 kiddos had 2 days of day camp but they managed to give their daddy a little handmade gifts. I went to watch their camp performance in the afternoon & both of them performed quite well. YQ was awarded the cutest camper award & her team won the 1st prize for overall performance. YS was awarded the most creative camper award & his team won the 3rd prize for overall performance :) .

Father's Day gift made by YQ in the school

Father's Day gift made in the camp (Left side was done by YS & Right side was done by YQ)
Later in the evening, we went to T3 for Father's Day dinner celebration, every restaurants was full & long queues were seen everywhere. In the end, we went to Azur Restaurant at Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi Airport & the pricing was quite expensive *faint*. There I was with 2 kiddos bugging us to bring them to the Safari playground but in the end found out that the receipts from the Crowne Plaza hotel could not be use for redemption *damn*. In the end, the children wanted to try out the T3 slide, so hubby decided to go & purposely purchase something to get the receipts for free redemption rides. Luckily, a kind hearted lady gave me a stack of 10 x free rides & told me she could not finish them as she has more than 50 tickets to use. Of course the kiddos were very happy & we were very happy too :)

Anyway, here's wishing all fathers a Happy Belated Father's Day!

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  1. YS drew the stones so cute =)

    Adeline was at the airport ytd having lunch too =) Not sure which terminal though.