Friday, July 6, 2012

Junior YS - Its Today My Special Day! Happy 2nd Birthday

My little angel has turned 2 (Pic taken @ 12 months old)
Picture of Senior Nurse @ KKH holding the baby in red is our little star
(Featured on Strait Times during Nurses Day in 2010)
Dearest Junior YS, 

Happy Birthday to my little tiger! Time passes so fast & you have turned 2 finally. Although mummy suffered quite a bit during the 1 month before you came out and say "Hi" to the world, I felt that all my sacrifices were worth it after I saw you. You even became the KKH's model the moment you were born when the senior nurse decided to "borrow" you for a photo shoot during Nurses Day :)

Although your speech development may not be as fast as your sister & brother but you are taking the initiative to learn how to communicate with us slowly & steadily. For the past 2 months in the childcare, you have been failing sick due to low immune system. But over time, I'm sure you will be even stronger than ever. You still cries the moment you reached the school compound but mummy believes you will outgrows that phase soon.

Everyday, you are learning to be a little bit more independent by taking off your own shoes & feeding yourself using cutlery. You are also learning more words & sometimes will blabbers out new words which surprised me at times. Mummy also knows you are still very terrified of  getting a haircut but I will always stay by your side so do not worry anymore :)

We all know that you loves cars, so mummy got you the Lightning McQueen cake & celebrated for you with your friends in the school. We hope you had a  blast today!
We love you very much & you are the fearless tiger in our heart forever :)

Learning to eat by himself

$22 children haircut for him @ Parkway Parade *ouch!*