Monday, July 23, 2012

Smooth Transition From Milk Bottle To Cup

Honestly I still can't recall how I "abandoned" my milk bottle & started drinking from a cup, probably I was not a "heavy drinker" back then. I guess I was quite an easy child to wean off from my milk bottle & formula milk too but I had very vague memory about how I actually stopped taking formula milk (guess age is catching up & memory starts to fail me at times).
Taking pic with their last tin of formula milk...bye bye milk bottles :)
My kids loved MILK and I am quite blessed actually that they were able to switch from breast milk to formula milk very easily & smoothly. I did not have much worries about them not getting used to switch from latching on to bottle tits. Sometimes I heard some mummies complained about the difficulty they were facing when they fed their kids formula milk or switched them to milk bottles. Until now, I realized that my 2 older kids are so used to milk bottles and they refused to drink their formula milk from a cup :( . Their main reason was because formula milk smelled funny in the cup & they felt like puking due to that smell.

So now, I have a dilemma...should I continue to feed them through milk bottles, should I change the milk powder or just stop everything and give them fresh milk? Some mummies told me, they stopped feeding their kids formula milk from age 3 & gradually switched to fresh milk or UHT milk. Some will get those milk powder in chocolate flavour so that the smell won't be too pungent for them to drink from a cup.

Personally, I have stopped carrying formula milk & milk bottles for the 2 older kids when we are out & about. If they have the urge to drink milk, I will buy either fresh milk or UHT milk if available. Otherwise I will substitute it with Milo or hot chocolate. But at home, they still prefer to drink their warm formula milk from milk bottles.

Then 2 weeks ago, I decided that its time I shall put a stop or I will never ever going to change anything. So I sort of have a pre-talk with them about my decision. I told them this will be their last tin of milk powder and I am not going to buy anymore formula milk. They sort of accepted it & I took it as a "YES" :P

So yah...the kiddos are slowly adjusting themselves to the new routine & I am happy to say that the transition is progressing quite smoothly. Now I have to start stocking up on more fresh milk in the fridge for them :)

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