Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Teacher's Day Present - Photo Frame Decoration

The kiddos only D.I.Y once in the past for their Teacher's Day present & past few years we bought presents for them only. This year, I'm so inspired to let them D.I.Y again so we went to Daiso to get some materials. I found some materials that was quite easy for my 5 years old & 7 years old to do the craft work together without too much hassle.

Printed out those printable Teacher's Day tags from the Internet.

A box of glitters from Popular bookshop & some decoration accessories from Daiso

Cute photo frames...



Patience & fun...

Finished product for one of the frames...Yeah!
The kiddos were happy & so was I :)


  1. Nice! The frame is so lovely and I like those cute decorations! Sweet DIY gift!

  2. Such sweet presents! Good job to the kiddos for preparing them :)

    this year is the first year we are preparing Teacher's Day gifts. Excited!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka