Friday, August 10, 2012


I know this picture looked kind of gross but it was a relief the moment the dentist extracted out my wisdom tooth. Going to the dentist for check up is one of my fears in life, I never like to patronize them unless I really do not have any choice. 

My last visit to the dentist was 1 year ago & the dentist had advised me to extract my upper left wisdom tooth as it was decaying. I was hesitating for a while & was told to go back & think about it before coming back to her. I came back to her 1 YEAR later with the persistent pain coming from that tooth & decided to bid goodbye with it :)

In fact, I was quite nervous 3-4 days before the appointment & was trying to act like nothing in front of my kids so that they wouldn't be like me when they have to go to dentist one day :P . Luckily a few goods friends (you know who you are) encouraged & teased me even before I went for the appointment. I had Sakae Sushi for lunch hoping the nice meal will calm myself down before I went for the "fear factor" show but apparently I was not really in a mood to indulge in any nice food that day. 

While waiting for my turn in the clinic, I took the chance to get my mum to bring YS for a haircut fearing that he will see my tense expression. I went to take another x-ray on my wisdom tooth & was told by the dentist on the possibility of surgery if simple extraction did not work. My whole body was stiff & straight throughout the whole procedure & after they numbed my gums I did not feel anything at all. Surprisingly this dentist that my mum recommended was quite gentle & she took out the tooth within a short span of time. So having 1 less wisdom tooth, does that make me a little bit less wiser?.....I wonder :P

And NO, I did not bring this tooth home for keepsake coz I do not believe in tooth fairy..haha


  1. A good, gentle dentist does make a world of difference :) I'm ok with dentists but my hubby doesn't like them either... take care and have a good rest over the weekend.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Glad that you had your tooth removed. It doesn't mean that you are less wise without it. You are more wise to remove the pain that it was causing then to bear with it.

  3. I got 2 teeth removed already and my whole face swelled up (i think I posted it on my blog haha). Going to remove another 2 in exactly 1.5 hours *nervous* Cant wait to get it over and done with so I never have to worry about them for the rest of my life!! =)