Monday, August 6, 2012

Visit To The Istana ~ 05-08-2012

The kiddos were very excited when they heard I was going to bring them to The Istana. It was opened to the public on the Sunday before the Singapore National Day week. Free admission to all Singaporean & PR, foreigners need to pay $1 per entry. We missed the drawing competition held in the morning as YQ had to go for her ballet class, so we went in the late afternoon when the weather was more cooling.

1st visit to The Istana & they were hoping to be able to see their favourite president.
YS:"Yeah! we are going to see Dr Tony Tan!".
YQ:"Mummy! are we going to see Lee Hsien Long?"
Me: *__* Obviously we only get to see more & more people there

As usual, Junior YS was getting a bit impatient while waiting for his bro & sis at the Art Heritage area. 

 We paid $2 per pax entrance fee to get access into the Istana house.

Posing outside the Istana house

 Some random shots around Istana area & how can we miss out to take a shot with one of the guards at the entrance of the Istana compound *smile*

 Everyone was feeling tired & hot, so we proceeded to the Cafe Cartel (Plaza Singapura) for some cooling aircon & snacks :)

The kiddos brought back some craft work from The Istana & had fun colouring these puppets.


  1. Amie, the Istana holds open house a few times a year. Check out the Open House details here http://www.istana.gov.sg/content/istana/istana/istanaopenhouse.html

    We went once a few years back, did not enjoy it coz the weather was scorching hot and a long way into the Istana. Glad that you have a fun time there =) Maybe we should go there again.

  2. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for correcting me & I corrected my sentence on the blog. Suaku me thought it was only open once a year :P

  3. Looks like fun! Im so big already still have not been to the istana! Omg