Monday, September 10, 2012

Kuantan ~ Of Beaches & Batiks

As far as I could recall, Kuantan was one of my favourite holiday destination during my school holidays. I will book a flight, flew over to meet up with my cousins & we stayed for 1-2 weeks at my aunt's house. My aunt had a shop at Komplex Teruntum and we will "part-time" as sales girls at her shop. When we felt bored we will hang out at the A&W fast food restaurant or went shopping on our own.

Our last visit was 8 years ago, we went there to deliver our wedding invitation card by hand to my relatives. Now, slight changes could be seen here & there. 

Let me introduce Teluk Cempedak, one of the famous beach in Kuantan. I remembered we loved to come here & took lots of pictures. Now the beach is definitely much more cleaner.

Near the beach there were fast food restaurants, other restaurants & the popular "Chatime" (which is similar with the gong cha in Singapore) among the youngsters. People were queuing up even before actual opening time.

 Cooling & refreshing :)

 Kiddos were playing with the gun bubbles & attracted many children to join in the fun....

In Kuantan, my aunt will usually bring us to buy their famous salted fish or batik village for some pretty batik prints. On our way to the black stone beach (batu hitam), we stopped by batik village so that we could "sapu" some stocks back home. 

 Pic taken outside of the batik village

Weather was too hot & we chickened out, did not get out of the car to enjoy the black stone beach scenery. That was why I did not manage to take a decent picture of the beach here. If you goggled it, you should be able to see a more beautiful picture :)


  1. Wow beautiful pictures! Hey u should link up to our blog train leh! Haha :)

  2. My mum just went to Kuantan and I love the pictures that they took at the beach too. We are thinking of bringing the kids there one day too for holiday.

  3. Ya looks like a nice place! Never been to Kuantan and my imagination of it far differs from what you have described here. :) Next next destination to consider!

  4. All of you mummies should go there and relax :)